Where do you keep your books? (aka show and tell time)

There have been some comments and posts this week that’ve inspired me to think more about my shelves, and where I keep my books. For the most part I’ve got them all squirreled away either in my cases or, er, in my closets (and my brother’s old room). Some of them, though, have been stacked up on the floor, and while normally it’s not a big deal lately I find myself constantly tripping over my library book stack. Whoops!

So, where do you keep your books? Are they all neatly tucked away on your shelves? Are you like me, with piles and stacks hidden away in closets and under bathroom sinks? Or do you keep your books somewhere else entirely? What do your shelves look like? Mine have got a bunch of stuff displayed in front of my books, but I know some people like to keep that space clear.

Here’s what my book storage situation looks like (for the most part):

books - bed
This is the stack next to my bed. Instead of books I plan to read or am reading before bedtime, it’s books that I’ve read maybe half of and then abandoned. I keep thinking I’ll get back to them, but it’s been several months now and no progress has been made on any of them. Whoops. (They are: Lonely Werewolf Girl, the His Dark materials trilogy omnibus, and Septimus Heap #3. Oh, and my netbook on top!)

Books - borrowed stack
This pile is somewhere to the left of my bed. It’s mostly books I’ve borrowed either from the library or from friends, and generally it disappears ever month or so after I make my return-books-run. The books composing the biggest stack at the back there are actually new books I have to enter into my LibraryThing account; I got them from book trading websites.

Books - brown cases
This is actually probably the most embarrassing of my book photos– see that case on the left? It tilts. It tilts rather badly, and I’m not sure how to fix it without having to screw it into the wall. I just tend to treat it as if it was a fragile egg, and am very careful where I put my new books.

These two cases are my TBR pile, mostly. There’s a lot more in one of my closets, but the ones on these shelves are priority. It’s also where I keep some Pokemon toys (obviously), my journals, some computer stuff, magazines, and some video games.

Books - white case
This case is entirely of books I’ve actually read, plus my small collection of Egyptian-themes books. Also my sock monkey collection, my collection of cute toys and small dolls, some other knick-knacks, and yet more Pokemon toys. It used to be full of my Favorite Books Ever, but I had to make room for others (FBE got moved to a closet).

Books - Bro's room
And finally, this is a stack that’s in my brother’s old room. It’s my review books, plus a whole bunch of books I got from one of the library book sales that I tend to forget I have until the next time I walk in there.

Obviously I left out my closets and some other places. This post was getting long enough without adding them in there!

What do your shelves look like? Take a picture and show off your collection (and appease my rampant curiosity)!

0 thoughts on “Where do you keep your books? (aka show and tell time)”

  1. Ooohh that shelf does not look very strong. Maybe you should switch the whole pile of stuff toys to that shelf, since they’re lighter, and move the books to the other shelf! Unless you’ve got it all balanced perfectly haha

    1. Well, it hasn’t tilted any farther than that, so I’m hoping it’ll be okay until I can get back in there and maybe add a board to the back or something. The one next to it tilts a little too, actually, though not as bad. Luckily we don’t get any earthquakes here. Eek!

  2. yikes! you have some serious STUFF! i posted a pic of my book shelf (organized by color, lol) back when i first started blogging. now i have piles in my office and on my nightstand. it’s getting crazy and making minimalist me a bit batty. 🙂

  3. You’ve got an impressive collection of books there. Mine use to be neatly organized {alphabetized} but now its gone to Hell in a hand basket. But at least we {or I} know where everything is right?

    1. Ha! I basically know where everything is– at least, if I’ve read the book I know where I’ve put it. TBR books? Those get forgotten (which is why I’ve dedicated nearly two bookshelves to them).

      I actually should do an update on this, because I’ve managed to fit ALL my books into my room now, and the shelves are a lot more full (of course).

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