Wrapping up 2015 plus plans for 2016

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Happy last day of 2015, y’all! It’s been an amazing roller coaster this year, both life and book-wise. Some highlights:

  • started two new jobs, one at an elementary school and one at a public library.
  • successfully completed my first semester of library school!!
  • went to the LA Times Festival of Books and didn’t buy anything (except food) but saw some WONDERFUL panels.
  • actually went to the movie theater multiple times! High points: Mad Max: Fury Road, The Man From UNCLE, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • #sffwomen book club successfully run for 4 months! Not bad for my first book club ever, I think.
  • finally found a blog layout which I probably won’t feel compelled to change for a while.
  • purged over 400 paper books from my collection, freeing up much needed space in my room. Likewise, purged over 1,900 ebooks from my collection1 leaving a much more manageable TBR on the whole.
  • completely reorganized the elementary school library into alphabetical order AND did inventory, on my own.

So it’s been a pretty good year!

And of course, I read lots of great books! I completely messed up my reading spreadsheet so I don’t have any amazing stats to show, but luckily Goodreads did a thing that turned out pretty neat. Some stats yanked from that:

I read 236 books! Yay, me! (totally cheated by counting short stories as “books,” but idgaf)

Shortest book: Feast of Stephen at 16 pages
Longest book: Bound at 738
Average length: 206 pages

Average rating: 3.4, though Goodreads doesn’t count half-ratings so I’m not sure how accurate that is IRL to my reading feels

Some of my favorite books read this year, roughly in order of when I read them:

2016 Plans

I am going to forgo all goals and challenges and whatnot EXCEPT for these:
1. Read as much from my (pre-2016) TBR as possible. Now that my Scribd subscription has lapsed, this ought to be easier.
2. Keep up with my reading spreadsheet. (I’m currently using a tweaked version from All About Books!)
3. Keep up with weekly reviewing so this massive “very quick reviews” nonsense doesn’t happen again oh my GOD I am still not done with December’s reviews
4. Try not to spend too much money on new books????

That said, what 2016 book are you most excited about? I’ve got a shelf going on with some of my highly anticipateds and would love to add more.

  1. don’t worry! most of them were freebies that I hadn’t read in over 6 years of having them, so it wasn’t a big loss. Also, I didn’t actually delete anything– just moved them into a separate Calibre library.

2 thoughts on “Wrapping up 2015 plus plans for 2016”

  1. EVERFAIR EVERFAIR EVERFAIR. I’m worried that I’m expecting too much out of Everfair, because if I were to construct an eagerly-anticipated-in-2016 Goodreads list, it would just be adding all the editions of Everfair and then staring at them yearningly. It just sounds so completely in my wheelhouse!

    1. I actually forgot that I’d put it on my wishlist back in September, but now that I found it again I am totally excited to read it, too! I hope it is just as awesome as it sounds!

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