Yearly Review: 2011 Wrap-up

Nina Raievska (left) and Valentina Blinova with Arnold Haskell; Russian Ballet at JC Williamson New Year Party, Sydney, 31 December 1936 / Sam Hood

January 2011 is such a long time ago it seems nearly impossible. What was I even doing in January? Besides panicking about jobs and going on vacation? I think I had a lot of ideas to do on the blog, and I may have done some of them, but I didn’t keep track of what I wanted to do and what I did very well, unfortunately.

Anyway! For 2012 I basically…want to keep reading like I did in 2011? I like that I read a lot of books written by women, and that I read a lot of different genres. I’d like to read more books starring characters who are something other than straight white Western people, and I’d like to read a few more non-fiction books. I’d also like to read more chunksters! Normally I stay away from them because they take so long for me to read, and when it takes me a long time to read a book I start getting antsy. I’d like to get over that feeling and enjoy a chunkster or two this year. Maybe…three?

If I can keep myself in this new, slightly calmer mindset I think 2012 will be a great year for blogging! Yay!


Total books read: 169
Rereads: 10
First book read: Inventing George Washington by Edward G. Lengel
Last book read: Making a Living Without a Job by Barbara J. Winter

Fiction: 153
Non-fiction: 16

Author’s Gender
Female authors (not counting anthologies): 107
Male authors (not counting anthologies): 161

ebooks: 67
audiobooks: 0
pbooks: 102

Borrowed: 2
Library: 18
Bought: 30
Freebies (both downloaded and otherwise): 11
BookMooched/PBS’d: 8
Publisher/Author/NetGalley: 33

Evans/Evans wedding at Llangynog

Total books reviewed: 147
First book reviewed: Inventing George Washington by Edward G. Lengel
Last book reviewed: Pastworld by Ian Beck

Misc. Stats
Number of posts (since beginning of blog in 2008): 1,060 (as of this post)
Number of comments (ditto): 4,691
Average number of spam comments a day: ~150 (down from 300 in 2010! Yay!)

Compare to last year’s totals. I vaguely remember wanting to read more books written by women as well as more “diverse” books. I think I accomplished those goals? Sort of, anyway.

Top 15 Books Read

In order read:

  1. Daddy Long Legs – Jean Webster [rating: Buy it] e
  2. Skating to Antarctica – Jenny Diski [rating: Buy it]
  3. Dead End Gene Pool – Wendy Burden [rating: Buy it] R
  4. Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier [rating: Buy it]
  5. A Handful of Dust – Evelyn Waugh [rating: 5]
  6. Toads and Diamonds – Heather Tomlinson [rating: 4.5]
  7. Steinbeck’s Ghost – Lewis Buzbee [rating: 5]
  8. The Summoning – Kelley Armstrong [rating: 5]
  9. Bliss – Lauren Myracle [rating: 4.5]
  10. Feed – Mira Grant [rating: 5] e
  11. Storm Glass – Maria V. Snyder [rating: 4.5] e
  12. Ashes – Ilsa J. Bick [rating: 4] e
  13. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow – Jessica Day George [rating: 5] e
  14. Dust and Shadow – Lyndsay Faye [rating: 4] e
  15. Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins [rating: 4.5] e

Washington Street House in Keene New Hampshire

Other interesting posts

Happy 2012, everyone!


  1. I will never not be amazed at how much you can read. And you reviewed so much this year, too! Go you!

    I hear you re: Chunksters. I would like to be friends with them, too. I stopped myself from feeling too antsy with the last chunster I read by reading shorter books at the same time, so I felt like I was making progress with something.

    • Anastasia

      I’ve tried doing that before but I have a hard time keeping the momentum going on a chunkster if I don’t devote my full attention to it. It’s way too easy to give up on something unwieldy when you’ve got a ton of “easier” books to read instead.

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