2010 = the year of reading challenges!

I know I’m always interested in seeing what reading challenges people have signed up for, and so I thought I’d post mine! Some of these have special prizes for people who sign up before January 1st, btw. (Pretend I’m winking here.)

I’m still looking around to see if there’s any really good ones I’ve missed, but here’s what I’ve signed up for so far. I’ve tried to limit my challenges to ones that a) aren’t something I’m already going to accomplish anyway (which is why I didn’t sign up for the Support Your Local Library challenge again), b) are slightly off my standard book choice path but not so far off I’ll never finish the challenge. I hope that makes sense– basically I’m just trying to stretch my box’s sides wider.



Lord of the Rings readalong
Woman in White readalong

(This is basically my entire 2010 reading challenges page.)


I’m really excited about the challenges I’ve signed up for! I’m a little worried about the readalongs, since I tend to give up on those about halfway through, but I’m going to try really hard to finish them. 😀 Also, you may have noticed that I’ve been making “here’s what I’m thinking of reading” lists, which I didn’t really do for my 2009 challenges. I think that by having some idea of what I want to read, I’ll finish the challenge easier and/or quicker, because I won’t be scrambling around trying to find a book that works. Yay having foresight!

What reading challenges have you signed up for? Are you doing any readalongs?

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  1. Wuhu I’m really looking forward to The Year of the Historical and the GLBT will make me buy more books, which is good for the publishing industry – helping. Will look out for your science challenge posts especially, so useful to have someone you blog know pointing out good books on topics you don’t really know where to start with.

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