3 books I’ve DNF’d lately

A lot of the reason my ratings are so high (usually 3 stars or more) is because I’ve gotten REALLY GOOD at giving up on books that are only giving me “meh” feelings. I hate to do it, but I also hate pushing through books I’m not enjoying. I’d rather spend my time on books I love, you know? I have no time to waste with books that don’t make me happy, and that means I’ve been Did Not Finishing a lot lately. Here’s three books I’ve recently given up on (for now, anyway):

darkship thieves Sublime_voyage_original_sin.JPG havemercy

DarkShip Thieves by Sarah A. Hoyt | Goodreads
What it’s about: pampered society girl gets attacked by her own security detail, goes on the run with a genetically-altered dude who kinda looks like a cat. There are spaceships!
Why I DNF’d it: I like the world and the characters (kinda), but the pacing was SO slow. I got about 40% into it and the plot had slowed down to a trickle. Boring! I may pick it back up sometime just to see what happens with the assassination/kidnapping attempt, or I may try some other series by the author. Who knows.

The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin by Colette Moody | Goodreads
What it’s about: an early-18th century seamstress gets kidnapped by pirates, finds out she’s bisexual and falls in love with the female pirate captain. They go on adventures.
Why I DNF’d it: I think I’m in the wrong mood for this book. It’s super light and a little bit silly, despite the scenes of extreme violence and largely uncharming pirate horde. I DNF’d at something like 60% because didn’t want to force myself to finish it and possibly ruin it forever. I’d rather give up now and try again later.

Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett | Goodreads
What it’s about: something about dragons? And a conspiracy? I got about 7 into it and nothing happened except a lot of people sat around talking to each other about nothing. I pretty much only bought it because JJ and DB are fanfic authors turned pro (they wrote The Shoebox Project) and I like supporting fanfic authors IRL.
Why I DNF’d it: I am SO BORED and I don’t know why! I like books about dragons and conspiracies, usually. But the writing feels like it’s trying very hard to sound smart, and meanwhile there’s a few humorous things trying to break through and catch my attention. Also, there are multiple POVs (all of them dudes) and I have no patience for multi POV right now. I may (MAY) try again later, although at this point it’s been sitting on my (virtual) TBR shelf for close to 7 years. So.

Have you DNF’d any books lately? I hate to do it, but I also hate pushing through books I’m not enjoying. I’d rather spend my time on books I love, you know?

4 thoughts on “3 books I’ve DNF’d lately”

    1. I tend to get that way if I’ve read more than half of a book. I’m debating DNF’ing a book right now that I’m 60% through–it seems like such a waste to give up NOW, but on the other hand I want to read other books more than I want to read this one.

  1. I’ve gotten SO much better with the art of the DNF over the last 2-3 years. And I like this idea — putting books up on the blog that were DNF. I just might borrow this idea, since it has the bonus of giving me short and easy blog posts to do.

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