3 fictional schools I definitely don’t want to go to

3 schools
Basically I like reading about boarding schools and magical schools and MAGICAL BOARDING SCHOOLS omg, but when I really think about it– I definitely do NOT want to actually attend these schools. There’s actually kind of terrible!

Brakebills Academy from The Magicians is a secret Harvard-y magic school of magic! It is filled with terrible and/or tragic people. People learn things regarding magic, which is good, and they learn them in difficult and scary ways. In order to graduate, you have to be very dedicated to learning about using your magic while also not dying. I am in no way that dedicated to magic and I don’t think a fictional version of myself would be, either.

Larwood House from Witch Week. Jenny mentioned this school in the newest Reading the End podcast (where I got the idea for this post!); it is a school for witch children and troublemakers in an otherwise modern world where magic is outlawed and witches burnt at the stake. The teachers are useless and the students are all bullies. The food doesn’t seem very good, either. I’d probably spend most of my time hiding in the bathroom trying to dodge pre-teen snarls.

Axis Institute from Evil Genius. Okay, so: I’m not an villain trying to conquer the world NOR am I a thief/poisoner/hacker/murderer/counterfeiter/general criminal. So I wouldn’t fit in AT ALL at the Axis Institute! And if I somehow DID get in? I’d probably be murdered within a week.

And one school I definitely WOULD go to: Children’s Academy of Dancing and Stage Training from Ballet Shoes. It’s a school for, well, training children to act and dance! I don’t think I’d be a very good dancer (or actor), but I took ballet lessons as a child so I DO have an interest in it. The teachers are lovely and the children friendly, and it seems like a fun place to attend. And maybe I’d get to be friends with the Fossil girls, and I could visit their amazing house!

Which fictional schools would YOU want to attend?

5 thoughts on “3 fictional schools I definitely don’t want to go to”

  1. I totally agree with Brakebills and Larwood House. (I haven’t read Evil Genius yet.) In fact, I dislike Brakebills so much that I’m finding it hard to find the motivation to even read the second book in the series. I guess that’s partially the fault of the characters, who I didn’t like either. 😉

    Where would I want to attend? Hmm … probably Unseen University from the Discworld books, if only to have an orangutan librarian. Too bad I’m female and wouldn’t be welcome there. 😛

    1. The second Magicians book is MUCH better. No Brakebills, plus there’s more Julia who is scary-awesome. (There is also a graphic rape scene, which I really didn’t like.)

      I have a question about UU! Because in Equal Rites a girl totally DID get into it and she apparently goes there now. (Went there? idk timelines.) What happened to her? Is she still there? Are there more female wizards now? WHAT IS GOING ON.

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