6 objects I have used as emergency bookmarks

1. My finger, which meant sometimes carrying a book around for a half hour before getting back to it.
2. A piece of cloth, usually my pillowcase or a sock.
3. Receipts, the classic non-bookmark bookmark.
4. A piece of candy (still in its wrapper).
5. Pens, pencils, and erasers.
6. Another book.

But I have NEVER
1. Folded down the corner of a page.
2. Ripped the pages I’ve read out of the book.1
3. Used a piece of food, such as a slice of cheese.

What sort of things have you used as bookmarks?

  1. as I saw a fellow commuter do on the bus one day. Wtf???

8 thoughts on “6 objects I have used as emergency bookmarks”

  1. I’ve used my phone as a bookmark before, which is not really a smart idea, but you know I always have my phone and a book on me, so… it just sort of happens. I have also used many many different sorts of receipts or papers or gum wrappers. I’m really not good at producing actual legitimate bookmarks.

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