7 books and 1 short story featuring (mostly) kind librarians

  1. So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane. One of the protagonists hides from bullies in the library, where later the kind librarian gives her an all-clear. She also lets the protag keep the un-cataloged book which later turns out to be a magical guidebook.
  2. Matilda by Roald Dahl. Kind librarian encourages Matilda’s wide and furious reading habit, gives her book recommendations. (On the other hand, she also doesn’t call CPS when a five-year-old spends day after day in the library by herself.) (Not the worst thing an adult does in the book, tbh.)
  3. Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. The wizard university’s librarian is an orangutan. He’s not really “kind” except he does save the universe a few times, which is handy.
  4. The Just City by Jo Walton. Athena works in the library. She’s…not exactly kind, either? But she DID snag all the people who wanted to live in a Platonic city and built it for them.
  5. Lirael by Garth Nix. The title character is an assistant librarian and defeats various evil entities. She also gets to wear a special uniform and I’m pretty sure she has a key on a chain she can stretch across her vest like some sort of dapper Victorian bank teller, which I’m slightly jealous of.
  6. Libyrinth by Pearl North. Basically, this story is about librarians vs. people who hate books so much they burn them. And also the books are alive and the protag can hear them screaming when they’re burnt. It’s horrifying, yes.
  7. Worldsoul by Liz Williams. The librarians in this book carry swords and know how to defeat monsters and demi-gods. Neat!
  8. In the House of the Seven Librarians by Ellen Klages. The librarians are living embodiments of genres (or something. It’s freakin’ cool, whatever it is).

ISO: Books with librarians solving mysteries. I know of a few cozies with bookstore owners solving mysteries, but what about librarians?

2 thoughts on “7 books and 1 short story featuring (mostly) kind librarians”

  1. I HAVE SOMETHING FOR THIS. I thought I wouldn’t because I read very few mysteries, but lucky you, I have four that feature a librarian detective. Elizabeth Peters has four mystery novels where the sleuth is Jacqueline Kirby, a librarian. She’s not, um, like cozy cuddly librarian lady? She’s spiky mean librarian lady, and it’s awesome. Die for Love, the ?third? one, takes place at a romance novel convention, and it was all in the 1980s when romance novels were all rapey, and Elizabeth Peter is a feminist, so it is fab.

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