A Nook Color review: pretty, but super heavy

I’ve had my Nook Color for about a year now, and I guess it’s time for a review! Truth? I haven’t used it that much. In fact, I’ve kinda been trying to sell it. (However, I recently found a case for a VERY good price and now I’m all “maybe I can make it work” again.) I got it for such a good price that it seems a shame NOT to use it more, but, well…you’ll see. Nook Color

What I like: the screen is very pretty, with the colors and whatnot. And it’s nice to have a tablet! It makes reading books just a little nicer– less scrolling than on other devices (like a phone, for instance). And since it’s got an LCD screen, reading books at night is easy-peasy– I don’t have to turn my huge reading lamp on and have it half-blind me while trying to finish a chapter before bed.

I also like the crosswords app. Hurr.

Best of all: It’s super easy to “hack” it into a proper Android tablet! (Albeit one without a camera.) Which makes it even BETTER because then I can use all my book apps, not just the Nook one. The native Nook OS is kinda clunky, so having another option is great.

What I don’t like: Holy crap is this thing heavy. Holding it up for more than half an hour is VERY DIFFICULT; I have to be sure to prop my arms up somewhere or else I end up straining something. It’s almost as bad as reading a hardback, which is terrible because not being able to hold up super heavy hardbacks are why I started reading ebooks!

Nook-turned-Android tablet!
Nook-turned-Android tablet!

Also, if I use the default Nook OS I can only read books bought from Barnes & Noble, of which I have very few, or I have to sideload non-B&N books. The sideloaded ones NEVER turn out looking good in the Nook reader app for some reason, even the ones that started out specifically formatted at epubs.

In conclusion: I like the screen and the fact that I can expand the storage (and/or hack it into something nicer), but the weight and the boring-ness of the Nook OS is not working for me.

If you have forearms of steel (or want a cheap tablet and don’t mind not having a camera), you’re set. If you’re a weakling like me, you’ll probably need to get something like the Nook Simple Touch. They don’t have color screens and I don’t think they’re backlight, but at least they won’t crush you when you’re reading on them.

Do you have a Nook Color? (or an HD or whatever?) How do you like it?

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  1. This is good to hear! I’ve resisted getting any kind of fancier Nook than my current one partly because I’m poor, and partly because I’m leery of having an internet device that I can carry around with me (internet! forever! is a perilous trap). It’s good to hear about some drawbacks of this one — especially the weight issue, as the light weight of my simple Nook is one of my favorite things about it. Reading in bed!

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