Announcing Georgette Heyer Month! (#heyermonth)

georgette heyer month 2014
Coming February 2014!1

Georgette Heyer Month! A month of celebrating the amazingness that is Georgette Heyer! I mostly love her for her historical romances, but she also wrote detective mysteries. All together she wrote over 50 books, and basically all of them are still in print. Woohoo!

I’ll be posting a bunch of reviews, discussions, and other fun GH-related things throughout February, and I’m hoping a few of you would like to join in as well! I’d love it if everyone reading this read at least one Georgette Heyer book during February, whether it’s a romance or a mystery or (if you’re feeling frisky) even a biography of GH herself.

There will be a readalong! Right now I’m thinking maybe The Black Moth, her first book and a rip-roaring adventure, but I’m willing to change it if you think some other book will be more fun. Maybe The Grand Sophy?

Maybe we could also do a readalong for a mystery book! However, I’m not sure a) if people are interested? and b) which one to pick, as I’m not very familiar with GH’s mysteries. Suggestions welcome!

Guest posts! If you’re interested in writing a post about your favorite Georgette Heyer book, to be featured during February here at Here There Be Books, please lemme know. They can be any length and about any book; just please try to get it to me by the end of January 2014.

If you’d like to talk about Georgette Heyer Month or spread the word on Twitter or whatnot, you can use this here hashtag: #heyermonth and feel free to yank the graphic and upload it where you will.

More stuff to be decided upon/finalized in the next month or so! I am open to suggestions, too, so sling ’em my way if you got ’em.

You can sign up for the challenge part at if you want! Or just comment here, too. ♥


  1. First version of that graphic had February 2013. Yeesh!

6 thoughts on “Announcing Georgette Heyer Month! (#heyermonth)”

  1. OMG, this is so awesome!! Yay! So happy to find some other Heyer lovers 🙂 I love Georgette Heyer and I’ve read almost all of her romances (but none of the mysteries). I’m definitely in! I’d be happy to write a guest post if you need one. The Black Moth is a good one, but I think my absolutely favorite Heyer might be Devil’s Cub, with Faro’s Daughter a close second 🙂

    1. Yay! I’d absolutely love a guest post from you. ♥ Especially about Devil’s Cub, as I’ve never read that (or Faro’s Daughter for that matter, though I do have it on my eTBR pile).

    1. Please do! Also, re:that list, I totally recommend Cotillion as it’s funny and exciting and the romance made me jump around the room with happiness. It might actually be my favorite GH book ever!

  2. Just checked and I do have The Black Moth unread on my shelves so I would love for that to be a read-along! I’ll also probably read a mystery or two (I have Duplicate Death and A Blunt Instrument waiting for me) and maybe even another romance. Heyer is definitely a good choice to get us through the shortest and yet longest month (and also a good author to squeeze in around marathon Olympics watching!).

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