APFOL: Oct 11-17

Interesting posts and other things that have caught my eye this week. It isn’t actually everything, since I didn’t want to kill myself copy-pasting, so for the entire link collection check out my Delicious page.

Also I found a couple of old articles and things in my Read It Later thing, which I a) keep forgetting to check and b) keep adding stuff to it that doesn’t need saving for some reason. So I cleaned it out today and added some of the more interesting things here (and to my Delicious account), which is why there’s some old stuff.

There’s still not a whole lot for this week, so I decided to do a spotlight thing on people who commented on my blog this week. (Be sure to check out their blogs!) And thanks so much to everyone who visited, even you shy lurker-type people.

And now, I present to you, my readers: Awesome Post Full of Links #7: October 11-17!

Books in General

  • Who reads cosy catastrophes? / Tor.com
    “In this paper I argued that the cosy catastrophe was overwhelmingly written by middle-class British people who had lived through the upheavals and new settlement during and after World War II, and who found the radical idea that the working classes were people hard to deal with, and wished they would all just go away. I also suggested that the ludicrous catastrophes that destroyed civilization (bees, in Keith Roberts The Furies; a desire to stay home in Susan Cooper’s Mandrake; a comet in John Christopher’s The Year of the Comet) were obvious stand-ins for fear the new atomic bomb that really could destroy civilization.”


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5 thoughts on “APFOL: Oct 11-17”

  1. I loved that post on Steph Sue Reads — it clearly articulated some of the biggest things that can make or break a book pitch.

    Also, do you mind if I borrow the descriptions from your rating guide? I decided to start doing ratings out of 5, but didn’t have a way of articulating what each one meant yet. Yours are great!

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