BEA 2011 Plans

Everyone else is doing one of these posts, so I guess I should too, huh?


I’ll be wandering around in the morning with Kim and Tara, hopefully doing things like going to the Strand, Central Park, and the New York Public Library.

In the afternoon I’m planning on hitting Macy’s, the World Trade Center memorial thingy (maybe), and random bookstores/thrift shops/other dangerous places for my wallet to be in. I may also go to the Teen Author Carnival at 4pm, although I may be too busy staring at skyscrapers to actually make it.

In the evening I’m going to the Empire State Building! Hopefully. Tbh I’m a LITTLE bit worried about navigating the various subway lines. In theory, I know how a subway works. But I’ve never been on one before and I’ll probably get lost a lot. Anyway!


This is the day where I finally have a breakdown. Check this mess out:

And then, afterwards:

So. Yes. Obviously I can’t do EVERYTHING, and in fact there’s probably going to be other stuff going on that I want to go to that I haven’t planned for. It actually was a lot worse before I hardcore pruned it, so I guess I could be even more worried than I am now.

The other days are better:


More sightseeing after! I’m not sure where, though. Maybe to go stare at the Statue of Liberty?


After Maryrose Wood I’m determined to spend the rest of the afternoon at the Met until it closes at 5:30pm. I will not be swayed! I MUST see the Egyptian room! MUST.


And then I leave to go back home about mid-morning on Friday! I have to leave for the airport in NJ at about 11:30am; I’m thinking I’ll hang somewhere in the morning with my suitcase and people-watch, maybe? Run laps around Penn Station while waiting for my train?

Anyway, see all those big chunks of time where I’m not particularly doing anything? We could hang out then, me and you! We could drink coffee or stare at tall buildings together, or I could try to convince you to take me to more used book stores where I can spend all my money! We could eat dinner together! Drink tea and run away from the bums! We could do so much fun stuff together if only you’d comment or email and let me know you want to meet up~

8 thoughts on “BEA 2011 Plans”

  1. All things being relative, and by that I mean I have a signing until 12:30 on Thursday, if you are going to the Met I’d love to come with. I’m going to the Steampunk Bible signing afterwards as well so wouldn’t be so bad to hang with someone who also appreciates Egyptian things!

    Email me (! I’m coming in from NJ myself (on Sunday however) and mayhaps we can hang (if nothing else be nice to drag someone else with me to Book Off!).

    Oh! As for the Statue of Liberty–you have to get your tickets ahead of time in order to actually climb up into it. At least this held true last year, so its a fair warning.

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t planning on making a trek out to the actual Statue (or Ellis Island) in this trip since I’m assuming it’ll be really really packed with the other book tourists. So I was just going to stick myself somewhere in a good “viewing” spot and staring at it from afar. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Yeesh, I somehow totally forgot you’d be around for this! Can we get lunch some day? I would like to get lunch! Or are you going to any of the blogger happy hour things?

  3. Please do come to the Enchanted Inkpot Tweet-up. A little insight into authors: they’re more far more likely to spill down their front or end up with spinach between their teeth than you are. We don’t get out much, so jittery when we do ๐Ÿ™‚ Your schedule looks great. Hope to meet you in NYC!!

    1. Everyone keeps telling me that authors, like spiders or raccoons, are more scared of me than I am of them. It doesn’t make those things less scary to meet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’ll probably at least stop by! ๐Ÿ˜€

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