#bloggingawesome with my lil blogging notebook

Blogging Awesome is a new feature about all the things that make you/me/us awesome bloggers! I’ll be talking tips, doing interviews, and celebrating all the amazing and fun things bloggers are doing. Join in by leaving a comment or using the hashtag #bloggingawesome. What awesome thing are you doing today?

This is my little blogging notebook! It is tiny and fits into all my purses (along with a pen). I carry it around with me to jot down lists and quick ideas for blog posts/features. Yes, I could totally just do the same thing with the notepad app on my phone, but somehow writing ideas down physically makes it easier for me to remember them/get excited about them.

I also have a bigger notebook which I sometimes use to write 1st drafts of reviews (or sketch out layout ideas). Sometimes it’s easier to get my thoughts down in paper first and then type it up later, y’know?

Do you have a blogging notebook?

2 thoughts on “#bloggingawesome with my lil blogging notebook”

  1. I have so many notebooks it’s ridiculous, and I haven’t been great about dedicating particular ones to particular purposes. BUT. My friend gave me for Christmas a very nice little almost-square-shaped notebook, whose paper has headings at the top, and I’ve been using that as my blogging notebook. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. I totally agree with you. I just started blogging 6 months ago and discovered that it is better to first handwrite it down then type it. I have all kind of notebooks: small ones for ideas, subjects and future projects and the larger ones are for writing down. Thanks for sharing.

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