Book Notes: No more evil cheerleaders

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5. No more evil cheerleaders, even if it IS true to life. May still work if they’re zombies or something, though. I HAVE always wanted to do a book called “Pushing Cheerleaders Down the Stairs.”

6. No more using “psycho girlfriends” as a comedic device. Psychotic girlfriends are no more “funny” than douchebag would-be rapists are “romantic.”

7. No more listening to people who say you should never mention pop culture in a book. The REAL rule is “never use pop culture to show readers how hip you are.” Every classic book I can think of mentions pop culture of the day, and when I pick up a book from the 1960s, I expect them to talk about the Beatles or something. Sure, there ARE readers who want every book to seem like it might have taken place in the previous couple of weeks, but do we really need to aim every book at THOSE people?

(As I write this, I’m reading AS’s book Sparks, which is kind of like if John Hughes had made a movie with lesbians and amazing fake religions and QUESTS and Iowa and romance and BOWLING ALLEYS. And more! ♥)

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