Book Notes: These new Discworld covers are AMAZING

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Announcing the Discworld Collector’s Library! @ Gollancz:

This project, developed in consultation with Sir Terry Pratchett, will see the release of a beautiful, affordable new set of hardback editions of the Discworld novels, from The Colour of Magic to Jingo, for readers who love the Discworld and would like high quality editions to treasure.

[…] The Discworld Collector’s Library will be published thematically, beginning in November 2013, as stunning B-format hardbacks at an affordable £9.99 – and that’s cutting our own throats!

I really, really want these, but they’re only coming out in the UK. Still, that means BookDepository might have them, right?

Click through to see the rest of the covers! ♥

4 thoughts on “Book Notes: These new Discworld covers are AMAZING”

  1. ARGH! I’ve been trying to convert all my mass market paperbacks to hard covers and now there’s a new set of covers which means I’m going to have to start over so everything matches! LOL!

  2. Oh yea.. I love these so much. I love that type of art! It’s like… last year for Christmas I finally broke down and got all the Harry Potter books in paperback, and then they come out this year with a new set with even better covers!!!

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