Bookish Community Love Week, Day 2: Readers!

It’s the second day of Bookish Community Love Week, hosted by Erica of The Book Cellar. This week is dedicated to all the amazing people who make being a bookworm enjoyable! For more information about BCLW, check out this post here.

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Today’s topic is readers! I decided to write about different non-blogging readers in my life who have affected some part of my bookishness. So!

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  • S. who introduced me to Diana Wynne Jones
  • A. who let me borrow her copy of Carrie in middle school
  • various teachers who cultivated classroom libraries and who didn’t mind when I borrowed books and never brought them back. (Sorry!)
  • those two freshman in high school who let me borrow ALL THE MANGA
  • that girl in one of my medieval classes who berated me for judging her reading choices. Never again will I judge someone for what they read!
  • that one professor who forced us to read The Sound and the Fury which lead me to realize that I love modern fiction
  • D. for borrowing my old waterlogged copy of The Club Dumas and not giving it back, so I was forced to go out and buy a shiny new copy

Which readers are you thankful for?

6 thoughts on “Bookish Community Love Week, Day 2: Readers!”

  1. You took SUCH a better approach than I did. I totally wish I would’ve thought of this *steals for another time if there is ever another bookish community love week* 😀

    I still need to read Dianna Wynne Jones’s books – but everyone says marvelous things!

  2. It is difficult for me to think of people outside of the blogging community who influenced my reading enough to mention them? I mean, obviously, my parents took me to the library a whole lot.. but generally my friends were all less bookish than me?

    And I want to thank everyone’s friends (including your S.) who introduced my blogging friends to DWJ. Her books have been such a pleasure to discover!

  3. Oh, speaking of teachers: my primary school teacher who put the first Goosebumps into my hands, starting a craze for anything horror lite (which is SO 90s). A friend in March 1999 who lent me Philosopher’s Stone thus starting my obsession with Harry Potter which hasn’t diminished to this day.

    1. Goosebumps! Now that I think of it, reading Goosebumps in elementary school is probably what lead me to reading Carrie in middle school. Ha!

      And oh! I totally forgot to mention that nice bookstore clerk who told me about Harry Potter RIGHT before it became a Big Deal. (And I suppose I should also thank my dad for buying me the first book, haha!)

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