Bookish Community Love Week, Day 7: The wrap-up!

So it’s the last day of Bookish Community Love Week, hosted by Erica of The Book Cellar. It was a week dedicated to all the amazing people who make being a bookworm enjoyable, and I had a really great time participating!

In case you missed it, here’s what I posted over the last week:

Day 1: Bloggers! My loverly blogger friends; thanks for being awesome.
Day 2: Readers! Non-bloggers who’ve influenced my reading in some way. Mostly school friends!
Day 3: Authors! People who make me wish I could read EVEN FASTER just so I could get more of their books into my head.
Day 4: was skipped! Instead I did this A to Z Bookish Survey.
Day 5: Everyone else! People who are not authors or bloggers (although they’re probably readers) but who still do very nice things for me.
Day 6: Favorite books! I took an unusual route and listed three little-known kidlit favorites.

Thanks for hanging out with me this week! I hope you felt the love as much as I did. Chest bumps for all of you!

pushing daisies chest bump gif

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