BookLikes! a somewhat incomplete review

booklikesBooklikes! It’s like Tumblr and Goodreads had a baby. But is that baby something you’d want to cuddle in favor of all the OTHER social media darlings already in the world?


  • easy to import your Goodreads ratings/books/reviews (though your reviews will be messed up as the HTML will NOT ne imported)
  • you can connect your account to your various social media accounts, including Twitter
  • you can use your own affiliate links in your posts! And setting up the various accounts is pretty quick, too.
  • you can set up Disqus comments using your own account
  • there are shelves and tags and a timeline which is kinda neat– a nicer way of looking at your reading progress than just a status bar.
  • you can sync your account with Goodreads, so whatever updates you do on GR will be reflected in your BookLikes account
  • each book has a little thing that pops up with a synopsis and links to various retailers, so it’s easy to buy books if you want
  • mobile app to come, I think?


  • there are currently only three layouts/themes, though you can fiddle with them to make them more unique if you want. Still, not as fancy as the dozens of Tumblr layouts already available.
  • if you already have Goodreads and Tumblr accounts and like using them, it’s kind of pointless to have a BookLikes one, too.
  • there are not many people on BookLikes yet and mostly the posts are boring.

My personal experience has been like so: oh! that’s interesting. What does this thing do? I can do that? Neat! Look, lots of my friends are on here. Can I make this work for me? Do I really need this? Eh, I’ll go see what’s on Twitter.

On the one hand, it doesn’t replace my love for Tumblr and/or Goodreads, nor is it as useful (yet) as those two are for connecting me to the book community. On the other hand, it might be a fun place for book-lovers to hang out, especially those who don’t like Goodreads. It’d also be a pretty handy blogging platform for a newbie book blogger– it’s easy to use and it’s a little more flexible than Goodreads about what you can post. Like memes, for examples.

So, basically, if you don’t have Tumblr/Goodreads, and/or you want to start a blog but don’t like WordPress/Blogger, it’s good! For everyone else…eh. Try it out, I guess?

Do you have a BookLikes account? What do you like best about it?

2 thoughts on “BookLikes! a somewhat incomplete review”

    1. Yup, exactly! I feel bad for it, because if it had showed up a few years ago I think LOTS of people would have used it. But now that people are hooked on Twitter and Tumblr (and Facebook), I don’t think it’ll ever become big.

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