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It is now officially one week (and a bit) since I started my first full-time job! Holy hell, is it tough. Not the work– that’s easy, if boring and tedious. It’s the concentrating on one thing continuously for hours at a time without even being able to eat or check my email or do any of the things I procrastinate with. Blargh.

My reading’s slowed down, of course, but I’ve been trying to get some audiobooks in since I can listen to those and still keep an eye out for my bus stop(s). Amazon’s got a promo going on where you can download a freebie ebook and get the (professional) audiobook for free at Audible1 and so I’ve got a TON of new audiobooks to choose from.2 I’ve just finished Peter Pan the other day, read by Jim Dale. It was so good! I kinda remember trying to read the paper version a few years ago and not loving it; Jim Dale made it amazing and now I’m in love with J.M. Barrie’s writing style (minus the racist bits, of course).

Now I’m somewhere in the beginning of Dracula, read by Tim Curry and Alan Cumming and a full cast (including Simon Vance as Jonathan Harker) and while at first I had doubts, it’s actually going very well. I haven’t managed to make it through the paper version yet, so I’m hoping I can finally finish reading it via audiobook. Somehow it’s less boring to hear people read the journal entries and whatnot than reading them myself? So, yay!

Since I’m working days now, btw, I’ll only be able to be online during the weekends. My dad’s worked out a hotspot thing which he mostly turns on in the mornings, but I’m gone most days when he does that now. So you may be seeing less of me for a while, depending on how many posts I can get scheduled during the weekend. As of this moment I don’t have ANY scheduled for next week, so, y’know.

I don’t actually feel all THAT bad about not being online, tbh. Not that I won’t miss talking to you all! But I’m busier doing stuff now and I’m able to accept that some things will fall to the wayside until I can figure out how to balance stuff the way I want them balanced. Yay for maturity or something?

ENOUGH ABOUT THAT DEPRESSING STUFF, what’ve you all been up to? I’ve mostly made it through the BBAW posts from the last week; what else has been going on? Anything exciting and new in your lives? Read any really good books lately? Met any nice people?


  1. CHECK IT OUT IT’S AMAZING. You don’t need a Kindle (just some sort of Kindle app) but you will need an Audible account. Not a subscription, just a free account. Then you’re set!
  2. Oh! You can also get discounted audiobooks for some ebooks, too, both free and paid ones. Most audiobooks are under $6, which is a very good deal! Just go and explore the site. You’ll find stuff.

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  1. When I started my first real full time job, I remember having such a hard time finding time to blog and read. It was really difficult for me to find that balance, but now, a year or so in, I finally feel it.

  2. I completely understand. I just started my first full-time job and I’m having trouble finding the time to read and blog (though I agree: yay for audiobooks which I listen to on my walk to and from work). I do feel sad about missing out on all the online chatter, especially when I go online during the weekend and notice that a lot has happened and I have missed all of it. But I’m also finding it easier than I expected to let go of some of the obsessive twitter checking. I guess it’s a matter of wait and see how things will grow in the future? I do hope I won’t lose my online contacts and friends though..

    1. I think as long as we’re able to at least keep checking our RSS readers and to at least occasionally comment on friends’ blogs, we won’t lose contact! Plus I find that as soon as I start worrying about not hearing from certain friends in a while, they pop back up again to say hello. 😀

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve had a full-time job, but I understand. School is kicking my butt right now plus my reading mojo went away so blogging is something I haven’t been doing. 🙁

    1. I hope things get better soon! The one good thing about outside-of-school life is not having to do homework or tests, lol. I’ve even stopped having nightmares about failing! Yay!

  4. The inside of my head is a great big mass of !!!!!, since I hadn’t heard about that Amazon/Audible thing! I’ve just downloaded DRACULA (which I’ve never been able to finish in print–and I’ve tried three times) and will now proceed to get everything else I can possibly think of.

    1. Yay free stuff! I have, sadly, given up yet again on Dracula. I just can’t seem to get into it, no matter if it’s in print or audio. Oh well.

  5. Why won’t your new job let you eat? You have to eat! You will waste away at your job because you declined to take your government-mandated snack and lunch breaks!

    1. I have since learned to take advantage of my snack breaks! Luckily they’ve got multiple microwaves, so making stuff quickly isn’t an issue. Yay food!

  6. I’ve been seeing so many reviews of Peter Pan around lately. Why is it haunting me???

    What kind of job did you get? I got a job in a government office once and it sucked balls. Are you living with your dad? For some reason I thought you moved by yourself (sorry for the personal questions, feel free to ignore them).

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