Chitchat (August 7, 2013): Interesting links, preorder news & more.

It’s National Read-a-Romance Month! I seem to mostly only read historical romances (Georgette Heyer!!) but I’m going to try reading a modern romance this month, just for fun. Yay! Also, be sure to check out the official website because every day there’s going to be interviews/guest posts/other fun stuff. Huzzah!

I was featured in last week’s Blogger Panel at Ink Skies! We were asked “do you think sex in ya is appropriate? why or why not?” Go check out the post to see mine and three fellow bloggers’ answers.

If you pre-order Malinda Lo’s newest book, Inheritance (the sequel to Adaptation), you can get goodies! And if you pre-order from her local indie bookstore, you can get it signed, too! That’s what I did– it’s a total splurge, but I figure it’s cheaper overall than dragging my butt to an in-person signing somewhere (as much as I’d love to see her in person again). Plus, look at these awesome postcards, yo. How could I turn those down?

Planning on going to San Francisco? Check out these two posts first: Top 10 Things To Do On Your First Trip To San Francisco and The $2 Tour of San Francisco. I’m hoping to get up there myself within the next year or so!

The next ALA Annual is in Las Vegas, which I can totally get to by bus for relatively cheap! So I’m considering going, depending on what happens in the next year money-wise. (On the other hand, maybe I’ll just go to San Francisco instead!)

I just found this neat thing: Secret Readers at Paperback Princess. The idea is that you post your TBR list and someone chooses a book from it for you to read that month. Cool, right? I’m going to try it out for September. Dog Days of Summer 2013

Later this month is the Dog Days of Summer Readathon hosted by The Estella Society (Aug. 17-18). It’s focused on nostalgic reads— the sort of books you read as a kid. I’ve already got a buttload of books ready, including some relatively unknown kidlit books I particularly want to highlight.

And next week is Bookish Community Love Week, hosted by The Book Cellar! It’s a week where we book lovers can appreciate all the people who make being a book lover awesome. I’m planning on participating! What about you?

Have you read any interesting articles lately? Link ’em in the comments if you want!

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