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Chitchat (21)

I’m going to be in Baltimore for the next week or so, visiting family. 😀 I expect to be online ocassionally, but I’m not sure how blogging will go. I’ve got a few posts scheduled so anything else will just be a bonus, I suppose!

In other news, I need ideas for Tips for (Newbie) Bloggers! I mean, I HAVE some ideas, but they’re kinda boring. So!

Do you have a question about something? Need help with a blogging THING? Don’t know how to do a thing but you’re dying to know? Ask me! I’ll make a blog post out of it and you’ll learn something fabulous in return.

There are TWO very exciting book events happening today in SoCal! Check out the SoCal Book Events thing to see what they are– plus upcoming book events, too! And don’t forget to submit an event if you can!

Currently Reading (13)

This past week was a bit wonky. I fell into a slump, kinda– basically right now I don’t want to read anything BUT fairy tales or Vorkosigan books, and since I don’t have any more fairy tales to read I’m working my way through another few Lois McMaster Bujold books. Ethan of Athos

Right now I’m reading Ethan of Athos, one of the Vorkosigan books not from a Vorkosigan POV. It’s…kind of weird? Athos is a planet with NO women, but not in a Chaos Walking way. The entire planet is afraid of them (they spread “sin”) and so they live entirely apart. Babies are made in little baby vats (always sons). Ethan is a baby doctor who is sent off-planet to get some new baby vats, and things go awry~

The Goodreads summary says it’s a flip of the “planet full of women” cliche, which just goes to show how important it is to have access to other people who can explain things. I didn’t even realize that! Now that I know a bit more about what’s going on, it’s MUCH more hilarious a plotline than it was before. Yay!

Sidenote: a background character from The Warrior’s Apprentice shows up in a more important role in this book, which is pretty cool.

What’re you reading this week?

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