Chitchat (Sept. 7): Work and links and baby bloggers

My first week back at work is done! It was kind of exciting and not just because I’m getting a paycheck again. I’m doing something other than data entry! It’s very fast-paced and I’ll get to stick lots of new things on my resume afterwards, so I almost think it’s worth the stress headache I got today. Huzzah!

In other news, I’ve started doing a new thing on Twitter called #lunchtimereads. It’s not a solo mio sort of hashtag but I like using it to talk about which books I’m reading on my lunch break. Join in with me if you want!

I got a tea cup cover thing and now my tea (and coffee) goes cold at a slightly slower rate.

Audible’s been having lots of coupons and promo money things– VOUCHERS! that’s it– and whatnot lately, and so now I’ve got $15 credit to use. What should I buy?

And now for some links!
This is an amazing interview with Libba Bray at The OEDtrix. Night Vale logo

Womance is important, did you know? It’s why the Baby-sitter’s Club was so awesome.

As a slight follow-up to my review of Girl Sleuth: if you want to dress like Original Recipe Nancy Drew, you’d better check out this Tumblr.

Two newbie bloggers who I very much like: Diana of Novel Tea and Ruby of A Rare Treat. Go visit them and say hello, why don’t ya?

Now I finally understand wtf is going on over at Tumblr: Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast/radio show thing with Lovecraftian elements is AWESOME and I can’t wait to catch up on all the episodes over the next few weeks.

What’s been going on with you all this week?

4 thoughts on “Chitchat (Sept. 7): Work and links and baby bloggers”

    1. Silicon! I tried to find it on the store’s website but all I’m pulling up is infusers, which it isn’t. It’s a green silicon thing with a bit that you can stick a tea bag’s string through so it doesn’t fall into your cup when you’re steeping it!

  1. I’m rarely on twitter now but I will start using the #lunchtimereads hashtag when I get on. Yay for a tea cup cover! My coffee is so cold right now. 😉 Double yay for the new job! I hope it goes well and you don’t get any more stress headaches. Those things are the worst. Have a good week.

    1. Thank you! I’ve been much better at not stressing out so much now. I have to remind myself to take a breather every once in a while, but I’m adapting to the new pacing pretty well, I think. 🙂

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