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Would You Let A Former Porn Star Read to Your Kids? @ BlogHer

“Better grab an umbrella I make it rain”: On Monetization:

I notice every once in awhile when I hop on the twitters people say monetization like it’s a dirty word. They act like monetization is the most taboo thing a book blogger can participate in and that one should be ashamed of it. I can’t help but laugh derisively at that. I mean, okay I will be the last person to say I’m not judgmental, because I totes am, but WHO THE FRICK ARE YOU to judge someone for wanting to make cashmoney on the side.


But what purpose does it serve for Klout’s members? Aside from the occasional quid pro quo freebie, it seems that what Klout exists to do is create status anxiety — to saddle you with a popularity ranking, and then make you feel insecure about it and whether you’ll lose that ranking unless you engage in certain activities that aren’t necessarily in your interest, but are in Klout’s. In other words Klout exists to turn the entire Internet into a high school cafeteria, in which everyone is defined by the table at which they sit. And there you are, standing in the middle of the room with your lunch tray, looking for a seat, hoping to ingratiate yourself with the cool kids, trying desperately not to get funneled to the table in the corner where the kids with scoliosis braces and D&D manuals sit.

How to Give your Page An Edge on Google+ @ BlogHer. Birdbrain(ed)’s got its own Google+ page now, btw.

What you need to include in your email signature @ The Book Publicity Blog

4 thoughts on “Commonplace Post (11)”

  1. Great links! Yes, I would allow the former p* star to read to my kids. As long as she’s dressed appropriately and the book she’s reading is also appropriate, I’m fine. I don’t know what to think about Klout. I just signed up for it about two weeks ago. I’ve ignored it since then.

    I hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

    1. I thought Klout might be neat at first because of the free stuff, but now I’m just annoyed. And they took away the “delete profile” option! Which is CREEPY and WEIRD.

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