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Ever since I got back from ALA I’ve been trying to organize my newly acquired books. (Yay, new books!) I’m almost done: I’ve sorted them by age range and then pub date, with the idea that I’ll read them a month or so before they’re actually published. Or at least TRY to read them.

This week I’ve been reading books from the summer pub pile– May-August, basically– and it’s been great! I DNF’d one book1 and read two others, and now all I have to do is remember to switch over to my Kindle once in a while so my eTBR doesn’t get neglected. Yay! allies & assassins

Right now I’m partly through chapter two of Allies & Assassins, Justin Somper’s newest book and the start of a new series. I’d previously read Vampirates2 and loved the mix of ridiculous plot (vampire pirates) and awesome characters.

Y’all know how much I love court intrigue stories, so I’m hoping A&A will be really awesome. Although I’ll probably be comparing it to The Goblin Emperor (a book chock full of court intrigue) the whole time, which is a little unfair to A&A, but DAMN I love The Goblin Emperor.

What are you reading this week?

  1. Nihal of the Land of the Wind; good concept, terrible writing. It’s a translated book, too, which might have something to do with it. I am TERRIBLE with translated books. They never sound right to me and I always have problems reading them. Except with comic books, for some reason.
  2. and I have the next few books in the series on my eTBR.

2 thoughts on “Currently reading: Allies & Assassins”

  1. I’m reading a book of short story who-dunnits that are all set in the 20s. Some are good and others are badly clichéd. Oh well! I’m also listening to Ocean at the End of the Lane (reread) and still working my way through Moby Dick. All of these are while I would really rather be starting the Divergent series that I acquired a set of. I am using them as a reward for getting through some of these others!

    That sucks about the translated books. I’m really hit or miss on them too. A good translation is not even noticeable and I tend to love those stories. Sadly, there seem to be more these days that are just so obviously translated and not well. You almost want to correct them as you go along 😛

    1. You’ve got a lot on your reading plate! How’s Moby Dick going? I’ve got it on audio but it’s like 800 hours long (exaggeration) so I haven’t even begun to think about starting it yet.

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