Currently Reading: Pride and Prejudice

This is actually the third or fourth time I’ve tried to read Pride and Prejudice; all the other times I got bored and DNF’d it somewhere early on. The problem is that it’s SO slow! And it’s all about manners and society and people who I find really annoying, and I guess I had to really be in the right mood to read P&P and that mood hadn’t happened until now.

I find myself really liking Elizabeth, and Darcy himself is kind of fascinating. I love how he’s considered a classic romance hero while not what you’d typically think of as a “romance hero.” He’s such a dill weed! Very rare, dill weed heroes. He’s basically an anti-hero at this stage of the book (I’m about 44% into it) and I’m hoping he gets at least a little better by the end. 

Right now I’m most in shock about Charlotte marrying the horrible Mr. Collins, though I understand her reasons why (and I like that she was so forthright about why she wanted to marry him). He just seems like such an uptight prig!

Sidenote: Can you believe I’ve never seen any of the movie or TV show adaptations for P&P before? Not even the Colin Firth one which everyone loves. I’ve just never had an interest in them before. My friend Alison has told me to watch the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, though, and I’m reasonably sure I will since I’m enjoying the book so much now. 

(Also, I totally just realized I can count this in the summer reading challenge! Double yay!)

What book are you reading this weekend? And have you ever gone back to finish a book you’d previously abandoned?

6 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Pride and Prejudice”

    1. I don’t think I have! I mean, the more I read it the more familiar it is to me, which makes me think that I HAVE read it? But I don’t remember finishing it! Very confusing.

  1. Definitely definitely watch LBD. It’s a little slow to start, but before too long you will find that you can’t stop watching it. You will be all “Oh, I’ll just watch one more! They’re only four minutes long! One more, and then bed!”

    I have on several occasions gone back to books I’d previously abandoned, to good effect. It’s one thing the blogosphere is so good for — sometimes I’ll have given up on a book, and then a year later Ana or somebody will review it and make it sound AMAZING and I’ll come back to it. Shirley Jackson’s an example! I gave up We Have Always Lived in the Castle, in disgust, when I was in college. Now I love it. Emma also. I tried and failed to read Emma like five times before finally finishing it, and now it’s neck-and-neck with Pride & Prejudice for my favorite Austen book.

    (Diana Wynne Jones taught me this life lesson.)

    1. I think I’m more likely to reread a book I’ve already completely read than go back to one that I’ve DNF’d? But on the other hand, if somebody I trust gives a DNF book a fabulous review, I’d go back to it. 😀

  2. Had to go to Urban Dictionary to look up “dill weed”. Thank you for adding to my vocabulary, and thank you for this new look at an old book. This is my first time at your blog, and I wish I’d never seen your reading list because now I feel totally inadequate.

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