Diana Wynne Jones Month, Day 11: Favorite Supporting Characters (#dwjmarch)

diana wynne jones month march
Today’s topic is favorite supporting characters! Just to make things more interesting, I tried to think of near-background characters, not just secondary ones. Here’s what I came up with: castle in the air uk

  • The Last Governess (Miss Bell) from The Lives of Christopher Chant. She’s got that pretend-face going on, the same sort of thing Christopher cultivates, and behind it is a very interesting person! She works for Christopher’s horrible uncle, but she’s also a nanny, but she’s also a companion, but she’s ALSO a mysterious business person, etc. She’s such a great baddie; she’s threatening, but you don’t really know why.
  • The King and his daughter from House of Many Ways. They spend all their time in the library! Cataloging books! I presume they also spend time running the country, but you never see that part.
  • All the princesses in Castle in the Air. I kinda wish they’d been the stars of the book because they were SO MUCH FUN.
  • Who are your favorite supporting characters?

    6 thoughts on “Diana Wynne Jones Month, Day 11: Favorite Supporting Characters (#dwjmarch)”

      1. I wonder who is going to rule the country after the king and his daughter dies. She was in Castle in the Air, wasn’t she? I thought she got married, but the princess in HoMW is single. Hm.

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