Diana Wynne Jones Month, Day 22: Favorite villain (#dwjmarch)

diana wynne jones month march
Today’s topic is about our favorite villains! This was a tough one for me, because I don’t actually like villains that much. In fact, I generally dislike them, even if they’re the protagonist of the book I’m reading. On the other hand, I can appreciate entertaining baddies! Like Moriarty, for example.

Gwendolen! (& Cat)
Gwendolen! (& Cat)

I think my favorite Diana Wynne Jones villain is probably Gwendolen, from Charmed Life. She’s a terrible person and a bad sister, but so single-minded that I can’t help but find her interesting. That whole sequence where she tried to get back at Chrestomanci for controlling her life was one of the best parts of Charmed Life! She was so creatively vindictive. As much as I rooted against her in the final battle scene, I can’t help but wish she’d shown up again in a later book somehow.

If ever DWJ had written a baddie as the protagonist of a book, Gwendolen would be the one I’d want to read about. Maybe about her life as a queen in the other world? Though based on what Chrestomanci said about that world, I kinda think she’d have been ousted relatively quickly, if not outright killed. Oh well!

Who is your favorite villain?

4 thoughts on “Diana Wynne Jones Month, Day 22: Favorite villain (#dwjmarch)”

  1. Do you think she did get killed? You don’t think she outmaneuvered the people who opposed her, and ended up in glorious victory? I always think Gwendolen’s the sort of person who would come out on top no matter what.

    1. I think she’d be so pleased with herself she wouldn’t see her downfall coming, like when she was so busy causing problems for Chrestomanci that she didn’t see the danger signs. Or maybe she just didn’t care! But she did seem like the sort of person who wouldn’t believe people didn’t want to be ruled by her– like her relationship with Cat!

      I DON’T know if the people of that world would actually kill a child, though, even if she was a tyrant! Hopefully not.

  2. DWJs baddies make my stomach jump into my throat when I read about them. I guess “favorite” was a strange word to use for this prompt because, like you, I find it hard to “like” any of them. I am always so happy when they meet a terrible end.

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