Diana Wynne Jones Month, Day 5: Favorite Book Cover(s) (#dwjmarch)

diana wynne jones month march
Today’s topic is our favorite book covers! Diana Wynne Jones’ books have had some really ugly covers, but the newer releases aren’t so bad. I thought I’d focus today on my favorite foreign/non-English covers! (Sorry for the tiny images on some of these; I couldn’t find any bigger ones.)

The Japanese edition of Charmed Life:
Charmed Life 5
Almost all the Japanese covers have bright colors and a wild/chaotic feeling to them; this one is particularly fun because LOOK! at all the swirling people! Do you think it’s depicting the scene near the end of the book, when the baddies are whirled away?

The Indonesian edition of Howl’s Moving Castle (Istana yang Bergerak):
howl's moving castle indonesian
I remember reading before that DWJ pictured the moving castle as floating rather than walking, but after the movie everyone starting picturing it with legs! This castle’s feet make me laugh. I ALSO really like the purple/gold border!

The Spanish edition of Castle in the Air (El castillo en el aire):
castle in the air spanish
Spooky and whimsical! I love the little flying carpet in the upper right corner there.

This Spanish edition of Hexwood:
hexwood spanish
I really wish I could find a bigger picture of this one! It looks SO beautiful with all that green woodsy stuff.

What’s your favorite cover?

4 thoughts on “Diana Wynne Jones Month, Day 5: Favorite Book Cover(s) (#dwjmarch)”


    (Seriously, DWJ covers are shockingly bad as a rule. That is probably the reason that I regularly have dreams they’re rereleasing her entire oeuvre with brand new covers that are super beautiful.)

    1. I actually thought the very newest ones from Firebird weren’t terrible! I mean. They’re not great? But they’re not as horrible as some other ones.


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