DNF: FanGirl by Angel Lawson

DNF: FanGirl by Angel LawsonFanGirl by Angel Lawson
Published: Self-Published (2012), eBook, 303pg
Source: Freebie
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance

Ruby Miller has her summer all planned out. Sitting by the pool. Babysitting for some extra cash. Packing for college. All of that changes when a fan video Ruby and her best friend, Iris, create goes viral gaining their little fansite a ton of hits and the attention of the big wigs in Hollywood.

Ruby and Iris fall into the world of actors, movie sets, teen stars and elusive artists. Not only is their friendship put to the test when Ruby's cast in the lead role of the newest zombie flick, she must straddle the line between fiction and reality, love and lust, and being true to herself. (from Goodreads)

Basically, I has some problems with the characterizations and various plot points, and then I had a convo with Clare on Twitter and basically here’s what made me DNF FanGirl:

“I want to keep reading this but the absurdity of parents treating their 18-year-old (who has graduated from highschool and is now legally an adult) like she’s still a minor is really annoying me.” — Goodreads status update 8/16/13

So, yeah. The story is one that, in almost any other book, I’d probably enjoy (ascended fans are always fun), but in this book? With this writing and weird language choices and overall feeling of WTF? I had to give up reading it, for my own sanity.

DNF’d: August 16-31, 2013

Have you DNF’d a book recently?

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