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2015 Plugin Post
One of the most fun things about self-hosting a WordPress blog is that you get to use plugins! I always like seeing what other people are using for their blogs, so I thought it might be fun to post about which plugins I’m currently using myself.

The last time I posted about plugins was back in 2013. They’re almost entirely different from what I’m using today!

Here’s my current plugin roster:
Admin Columns and Admin Menu Editor: cuts away the extra stuff I never used and keeps my dashboard clutter-free. For instance, I only really need to see title, categories, tags, comments and post date on my post dashboard– and with the editor I can prune everything else away until I only have what I want left showing. Handy!
Akismet: blocks spam! I actually haven’t been getting as much spam lately as I did in previous years. Not sure what’s changed, since I’m doing everything the same and have been using this plugin since I first started blogging anyway, but I like it.
Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer: automatically adds my affiliate tag to every Amazon link. May get rid of this as I think I can do the same thing with a built-in feature in another plugin.
Color Admin Posts: makes posts different colors in your dashboard so it’s easy to find drafts, published posts, etc. Kind of extraneous, but I like the way it makes my dash look.
Expanding Archives: the thing in my sidebar that lists what posts I’ve put up each month. I like it because it’s simple.
FD Footnotes: I don’t use this as much as I did before! Which is kinda sad, because I love footnotes. This makes it super easy to add them to posts as it formats all the links and numbers and stuff automatically.
Feed Statistics: since Feedburner died a few years ago, I had to switch to just using my default WordPress RSS feed thingy. This plugin lets me get an estimate of how many people are subscribed to my RSS feed, what posts they’re looking at, who unsubcribed recently, etc. Don’t much look at it as I’ve become massively disinterested in stats lately, but I like having it just in case I need it later.
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: basically this just makes it so I don’t have to open Google Analytics in a separate tab? Same thing, though, with the not looking at it as much lately.
MailPoet Newsletters: how I send out my email newsletters! Fun fact: back when I first switched to my current host, they shut my site down for a while because they though I was spamming people with my newsletter. They got it back up within a day, though, and their customer service is excellent!
Optimize DB, P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler), WP Media Cleaner, WP Missed Schedule, WP Super Cache, WP-Optimize: all things that’re supposed to keep my site running smoothly, quickly, etc. Possibly I have too many of these? I think at least two overlap each other with what they do.
WP Maintenance Mode: temporarily displays a “work in progress” page. Useful to have when I’m changing themes, or experimenting with colors or something.
OSD Social Media Sharing: automatically adds social media sharing links to the bottom of each post. I’ve used many different social media plugins over the years, but this is one of the easiest ones to use and it doesn’t make my site super slow like some of the others did.
Quick Featured Images: mass-edit my features posts so their featured images all match each other AND my layout. Super handy since I tend to change up my blog’s look a lot.
Subscribe to Comments Reloaded and WP Ajaxify Comments: People like to subscribe to comments! I feel it’s only right to let them do so. I also think it’s less irritating to refresh only the comments section instead of the whole page whenever somebody leaves a comment.
Ultimate Book Blogger: the only plugin I’ve ever bought, and it’s definitely worth the investment if you review a lot of books but hate formatting posts manually. I’m also an affiliate!

So those are the plugins I’m currently using! What’s your favorite plugin? Am I missing any you think are particularly important?

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  1. Ooooo a footnotes plug-in! I have installed it now and will be including footnotes in more posts going forward. I’ve occasionally used them in past posts, but it’s just too much hassle to do all the code typing. Because I am immensely lazy.

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