Hear ye, hear ye: it's time for a vacation!

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m going on vacation this weekend and won’t be around on the internets until Tuesday! I am taking myself off the grid (sort of), and going to here:

Carlsbad Caverns! We’re going to be staying at a KOA cabin, too, and on the way back to Albuquerque we’re driving through Roswell and looking at the space aliens. Yay, vacation!

I’m of course bringing several books with me, although I restrained myself from taking the really big hardbacks (they wouldn’t fit into my bag, anyway). Here’s what I’m bringing (click on the cover to go to its Amazon page):

Hopefully I won’t run out; it’s a long car ride there and back, and since I’m not bring my laptop I won’t have anything to distract me from books, but surely even I can’t read four books in three days? Especially since two of them are rather big and one requires a lot of concentration (which means slow-going)?

…maybe I’ll try and sneak an extra book or two into my bag.

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6 thoughts on “Hear ye, hear ye: it's time for a vacation!”

  1. Enjoy your vacation! And bring extra books if you can. It’s not a question of having enough (although that is also important) as it is a question of having the right ones. It’s best to have choices in case you’ve not gauged Future You’s reading mood accurately.

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