How to read more books (for people who think they’re too busy)

read more books for busy people
Feel like you aren’t reading enough? Wish you could get through your stack of library books before their due dates? Piles of TBR books threatening to crush you and your loved ones?

Never fear! Here’s

How to get more reading time every day

1. Always bring a book with you wherever you go. Preferably it’d be the book you’re currently reading, but with hardbacks that’s kinda difficult unless you have a huge purse and arms of steel. I’d recommend having a paper book at home and an ebook you carry with you either on your phone or ebook reader.

2. Listen to audiobooks. Audiobooks are great for when you’re commuting to work, doing housework, or exercising! I also think it’s nice to listen to a book for a little bit right before bed (see below for more on that). It’s relaxing.

3. Take advantage of waiting periods. While waiting in line at the grocery store, post office. Also, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, etc. It takes a little practice to be able to read and also pay attention to your surroundings so you’re not one of those people who ignore the “next in line” call, but it’s totally doable!

4. Dedicate specific time each day to reading. Like half an hour before bed, or half an hour in the morning while you’re drinking coffee/eating breakfast (don’t worry about food stains). Eventually, it’ll become a habit! You’ll be blazing through dozens of books in no time.

How do you fit more reading time into your day?

14 thoughts on “How to read more books (for people who think they’re too busy)”

  1. It’s easier now that I’ve started taking the bus to work! But even without that, I just read in every spare minute. Definitely while brushing my teeth, always while waiting in line, and of course, for about thirty minutes before bed. It makes it easier to fall asleep.

  2. Excellent tips! I always always always have a book with me, since I never know when I’ll have a sufficient amount of downtime. And audiobooks are absolutely essential in the summer, when I walk as much as I possibly can and feel obliged to turn walking time into reading time.

    1. Very good tip! I’ve been trying to do some reading right when I wake up, but my eyes are still so blurry that it’s a terrible experience. Much better is reading before bed, though depending on the book that could mean staying up late to finish just ONE more chapter.

  3. These are good tips 🙂 I definitely use all of these! I always bring a book everywhere I go…you never know when you’re going to have to wait in line or for a friend or something! And you never want to be stuck in that situation without a book.

    1. Nothing worse than being bored somewhere wishing you had something to read! The nice thing about phones is that they’re usually with you no matter what, so if you have an emergency ebook on there you’re always prepared.

  4. Thanks for the tips..:) For me I usually have a book in my lunch box for breaks. So I try to sneak in a couple of pages in that way. Then comes the take of going back to work…uggh.

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