I am a quote collector!

Do you collect quotes from books you read?

I like to keep track of favorite quotes because, when I look back over them, they help me remember why I liked certain books. Kinda like a super specific, practically useless to anyone but me Cliff’s Notes. Quotes are my shorthand for book love!

Keeping TRACK of those quotes…is a lot more difficult than I’d like it to be.

I used to keep a notebook of interesting quotes, back when I read a lot of paper books. I’d find a sentence or paragraph I really liked and wanted to keep, and I’d copy it down into my quotes notebook. Then I kept losing the notebook, so I tried keeping a dedicated book quotes blog. That lasted about three weeks before it became way too much of a hassle and I gave up.

Nowadays I’m mostly reading ebooks, and it’s super easy to keep favorite quotes from books. Highlighting sentences is SO much faster than rewriting them by hand, and since I keep all the quotes I collect in the metadata of the book itself (using an ebook management program called Calibre) it’s super easy to refer back to whenever I want. I don’t misplace anything, it literally takes less than a minute to get everything copied over, and I can maintain my collection without wanting to cry.

On the other hand, now I have nowhere to keep quotes from paper books. I guess I could start a spreadsheet, maybe? But, again, that’s a time suck and I’m already exhausted thinking about it.

I’ve actually typed up a few quotes for my Goodreads status updates, though! And then there’s their dedicated quotes section, where you can add favorite quotes and people can like them and add them to their own favorites.

Collaborative book quotes love, yay!

What about you? How do you collect book quotes?

6 thoughts on “I am a quote collector!”

  1. I lurv my commonplace book. I have been keeping it since I was a wee high school girl. I admit that I sometimes let quotes go instead of writing them down as I wish to, because I don’t have the commonplace book handy right at the moment I want it, but in general it’s a lovely thing to have.

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