I went back to the library (surprise!)

Happy Tuesday! Regarding my post on Saturday, someone must have seen me complaining about the library being out of things that interest me, because there were lots of new books there when I went yesterday. I got all these:


Things you may notice: the entire Green Knowe series, which I didn’t much like last time I tried to read it, but which I will surely love now. Because of reasons. Also The Age of Miracles, which I think someone reviewed somewhat recently and that review made me want to read it. (Possibly it was Jenny. Was it you, Jenny? I can’t look things up and write this post on my phone at the same time, sorry. Boo, tiny screens.)

Also two Laurence Yep books, which I’ve never read before because I haven’t read anything by him before. So that’s exciting!

AND ALSO (and this is kinda the most exciting thing of ALL the exciting things in this post) the new Terry Pratchett book! Which is a sequel to The Long Earth! Yayyyyy!

There were also (also also also) some DVDs on the DVD shelves that I haven’t seen before, so my entertainment needs are pretty much set for the next two weeks or so.

Have you read any of these folks? (I meant to say “books” but my phone like “folks” and I kept it because it’s adorable.) Which should I read first?

2 thoughts on “I went back to the library (surprise!)”

  1. It may have been I. I did read The Age of Miracles and enjoy it, and I praised it because it was a process dystopia and there are not enough of those in my life.

    Tell me what you think about the Green Knowle books — I started reading one once, and it was ever so awfully boring to me, and I never finished it or read another.

    1. I remember being terrifically bored by the first book, but I’m hoping that this time around I’ll like it more? I generally enjoy magical kids books, and the Green Knowe books are supposed to be full of magic and ghosts and stuff. So…? idk.

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