Library Haul (Nov. 3)

I went easy on the library books this week, partly because I couldn’t find that much and partly because I’ve got some books of my own I need to read. (Including Pinkerton’s Great Detective by Beau Riffenburgh, which comes out later this month!) I’ve also still got some books left over from my last haul– what a slowpoke reader, eh?

Anyway, here’s what I got out this past week:
The Star Trek Interview Book by Allan Asherman. I’ve already started reading this; I’ve read several Star Trek memoirs already (and watched a few documentaries), and a lot of the interviews in here is just the same sort of thing as what’s in those books. But I’m hoping that once I get to the interviews with the crew members I’ll be learning new stuff. Maybe?

Finding Your Element by Ken Robinson. Already DNF’d this because of something he wrote in the preface about Confucius sounding like he’d read another of KR’s books. What. (I have a very low tolerance for self-help books. Why do I keep trying to read them?) Global Soul

The Global Soul: Jet Lag, Shopping Malls, and the Search for Home by Pico Iyer. I’ve never read any of PI’s books before, but I’ve been meaning to. This one looks interesting because he visits such diverse places– including LAX!

I also got some DVDs out, but they’ve been more duds than hits. The BEST one so far has been the third season of Rizzoli and Isles; while I still very much enjoy the relationships between the characters and while the mysteries are still pretty good, I’ve guessed a lot of the “plot twists” before they happened multiple times now. Sort of sucks the fun out of a mystery when you can see how it’s going to end, you know?

Previously hauled books: Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates (I may DNF this soon, the writing is kind of bad); Special Topics in Calamity Physics; Farewell, Dorothy Parker; The Black Count.

What did you get out from the library this week?

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