Mini-Review: The Kid Who Was Zapped Through Time

58. The Kid Who Was Zapped Through Time by Deborah Scott
Publication: Avon Books (T); 1st edition (September 1997), Hardcover, 154pp / ISBN 0380973561
Genre: MG, Fantasy
Read: March 7, 2010
Source: Bought
Summary from Amazon:

Tricked into buying a strange computer game, Flattop Kincaid is hurtled through time back to twelfth-century England, where he is taken in by a peasant family that mistakes his satin baseball jacket for royal raiment.”


Okay, so I’m pretty sure I’ve read this book before, because it was really familiar. On the other hand, I can’t specifically remember reading it, and it might only be familiar because I’ve seen this movie so many times. (The movie wasn’t based on this book, because it was actually made before the book, but they’re pretty similar.)

The Kid Who Was Zapped Through Time isn’t a bad book, it’s just dated. It’s a good primer to what life was like back in the medieval times, especially peasants’ lives. It also introduces knights, royalty, and villains, so it really covers the while range of people living back then, which was nice. And the plot is pretty exciting, what with Merlin running around zapping people and everything, and Flattop’s growth as a person is decent enough. However, all the good stuff can’t hide the fact that there are newer and better books dealing with the same subject. And I don’t think any kid looking for information on the medieval period is going to read this because it’s a) kinda old (well, to a kid it is), b) dated, like I said, and c) out of print. So. Yeah.

Maybe if you liked the movie you’d read the book? I could see that.


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