Monthly Review (August 2011)

Thinking Back

As always, the beginning of the month seems so far back I can barely remember doing any of the things I actually did, including writing reviews and reading books. And this month I read some really good books! Some of my favorite books of the year, in fact, but I only vaguely recall the actual reading part. Like, I know I did it, but I can’t remember doing it? Is that weird? I hope that happens to other people besides me, because now I’m starting to worry.

Anyway, I’m fairly happy with my August, if only because I made my reading goal (15 books), made some small changes to the blog (mostly in the ad areas, which you probably didn’t notice anyway), and generally had a pretty okay time doing bookish things. I fell behind on commenting and reading my feedreader, but I hope to make up for my neglect in September. I love you all really! I swear!

I’m looking forward to the upcoming months, not only because I’ve got a Plan (see below) but also because some really fun events are coming up that I’m looking forward to participating in. Also, hopefully, I’ll be moving to a new state! I can’t wait to live in California, even if it does mean a lot of packing.

In September I want to do the following
A lot of stuff will be happening this fall, including a move to California (although that might be more in the winter), but nevertheless I’m going to jam-pack my schedule so I won’t be caught staring mindlessly at the computer for three hours again. Basically, I’ll be working on my “life” blog, which has been a thorn in my side for about a year and a half, trying out new stuff with Birdbrain(ed), working harder at my internet job, and participating in blogger community stuff (events and whatnot).

I’ve actually got all that planned more in detail than it may seem– no vagueness for me this fall! I’ve even come up with a detailed schedule of what to post here each day, including specific books to review and a set number of comments I want to make each week. And I hope to do the same with my other blog, too! I think it’ll keep me on track– I always seem to work better when I’ve got deadlines and specifics than any way else.

What are you planning to do this fall?

Barker at the grounds at the Vermont state fair, Rutland (LOC)

Reading Stats

15 total books read
total books reviewed
8 ebooks
0 audiobooks
7 pbooks

10 were by authors new to me
0 were rereads!

Top 3 4 Books

93. The Summoning – Kelley Armstrong [rating: 5]
101. Bliss – Lauren Myracle [rating: 4.5]
102. Feed – Mira Grant [rating: 5] e
103. Storm Glass – Maria V. Snyder [rating: 4.5] e

Books Read

92. The Warded Man – Peter V. Brett [rating: 3.5] e
93. The Summoning – Kelley Armstrong [rating: 5]
94. The Awakening – Kelley Armstrong [rating: 4] e
95. The Reckoning – Kelley Armstrong [rating: 4] e
96. A Year Without Autumn – Liz Kessler [rating: 3] R
97. The Magician King – Lev Grossman [rating: 4] R
98. The Unwanteds – Lisa McMann [rating: 2.5] R
99. iDrakula – Bekka Black [rating: 3] e
100. A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains – Isabella L. Bird [rating: 3.5] e
101. Bliss – Lauren Myracle [rating: 4.5]
102. Feed – Mira Grant [rating: 5] e
103. Storm Glass – Maria V. Snyder [rating: 4.5] e
104. The Postmortal – Drew Magary [rating: 2] R
105. Act of Will – A. J. Hartley [rating: TBD] e
106. Irma Voth – Miriam Toews [rating: TBD] R

At the Vermont state fair, Rutland (LOC)

Books Reviewed

50. Jack’s New Power – Jack Gantos [rating: 2]
58. Villain School: Good Curses Evil – Stephanie S. Saunders [rating: 2] B
61. Decline & Fall – Evelyn Waugh [rating: 4.5]
69. Ten Miles Past Normal – Frances O’Roark Dowell [rating: 4] R
70. Blood Red Road – Moira Young [rating: 4]
72. Phoenix Rising – Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris [rating: 3.5] R
73. Ruby Red – Kerstin Gier [rating: 3]
75. Sirenz – Charlotte Bennardo & Natalie Zaman [rating: 2] B
78. Ringlingville USA – Jerry Apps [rating: 2]
80. Lighthousekeeping – Jeanette Winterson [rating: 4]
81. The Story of the Trapp Family Singers – Maria Augusta Trapp [rating: 3]
82. Hard Spell – Justin Gustainis [rating: 3] e R
88. Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes – Jonathan Auxier [rating: 3.5] e R
97. The Magician King – Lev Grossman [rating: 4] R
104. The Postmortal – Drew Magary [rating: 2] R

Poll Results

I’ll admit it: I was surprised by the results of this poll. Y’all really love your TBR piles? You’re not stressed out by the unread books sitting on your shelves like I am?

Anyway, check out the new polls archive page for past polls and voting results. There’s also a new reader poll up now in the left sidebar.


These lovely people stopped by and left a comment for me this past month:
Megan | Sharry | Shelleyrae | Jenny | The Book Gatherer | Rywn | JoAnne | heidenkind | Cr00kShanks | Vasilly | Alita | Rebecca Reid | Christy | Jennifer | Alison | Kim | Marie | Ashley | Violette | Cass | Joy Weese Moll | Ash | Louise | Bree | Laura | Amanda | Mary Fagan | Amy | The Literary Omnivore | Care | Melissa | Lenore | rhapsodyinbooks | Midnyte Reader | Memory

Also: Jess, Dianna, Amber (hope those other books work out better for you!), simone, Mome Rath

Thanks to everyone who commented! It makes me feel all squishy inside whenever you do. ♥

Other Stuff

TBR stuff

  • 14 books added to my TBR pile, 5 read right away, 190 total unread now.
  • 3 books added to my TBR wishlist (240 total, 223 TBR).

Possibly interesting posts

Automobile on a Pacific beach with shipwreck in background

What fall bookish event are you most looking forward to? Mine’s probably the 24 hour readathon— and Book Blogger Appreciation Week, of course! (Speaking of, I should probably go judge my blogs now. I’ve only got 5 to do, so I’ve been putting it off…)

6 thoughts on “Monthly Review (August 2011)”

  1. I commend you for creating a schedule which you plan to keep! Planning ahead what I’ll read (I only plan at most, a week ahead) is usually, in reality, planning those books that I will not read and the order I will not read them in. It’s a twisted sort of reverse psychology. Hence, I do not plan. I have a tbr bookshelf and, if I’m in the mood for something, I sniff around there.

    One thing I regret about my terrible purchasing habits is that I rarely re-read old favorites anymore! I have half a mind to just stop everything and just start re-reading. But, that’s when the stress comes in (I don’t want to fall behind with all the great new books, either!). It’s a cycle, really.

    1. My reading schedule is only very lightly planned– I know I should read these review books before this time, and so I try to get that done. But I don’t stress out if I don’t! Having my blog schedule planned out in detail, though, is working out great so far. I feel really accomplished whenever I get something done. 😀

      I want to do more rereading, too! I feel so bad because I don’t think I’ve done my yearly DWJ rereads yet. I’m thinking of making December an only-rereads month and not worry about new releases until January.

  2. I probably do better with deadlines than without them, but they stress me out nevertheless. I should try, for the month of September, to force myself to write to deadlines for my blog, and see how it went. My September experiment last year, rotten spoiler-free September, was a TERRIBLE FAILURE, except that it succeeded in proving the rightness of my method of reading. :p

    1. What if you do really flexible deadlines? Like, write one review each week but don’t specify the date or book. Maybe that’d cut down on the stress but still force you to get things done.

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