Podcasts for books lovers, part 3: Blogging

I have a huge commute nowadays (~5 hours round trip and I am totally for serious about that) which is mostly a really boring bus ride when it isn’t punctuated by flashers or foul stenches. Thus I have been listening to a LOT of podcasts!

What are podcasts? They’re kind of like what old radio shows used to be: people talking into a microphone about all kinds of topics. There are comedy podcasts, drama podcasts, personal diary-type podcasts, news podcasts, music podcasts, and more! Being a book blogger, I tend to listen to lots of book and blog-related podcasts.

Don’t know where to start? Lucky for you I’ve created a series of posts for podcasts recommendations!

Blogging Podcasts

dollars and roses podcastDollars and Roses is a husband and wife team who both run their own blogging empires; he’s a financial blogger and she’s a mommy/lifestyle blogger. They do great interviews with other big name bloggers and provide tips and tricks for newbie bloggers. Recent episodes include an interview with Steve Kamb of NerdFitness.com and whether your should blog anonymously or not.

how they blog podcastHow They Blog, which I JUST started listening to this week, is a behind-the-scenes interview kind of podcast. I always love getting a peek into the lives of fellow bloggers– guess I’m just super nosy! Recent shows include: David Molnar talking about how to take great pictures for your blog using your phone, Stephanie Langford talking about finding balance in your blogging, and how to deal with blogging burnout.

lede coppyblogger podcast The Lede from Copyblogger has LOTS of tips for bloggers, and not just marketing ones! Recent episodes include how to pick out good images for posts, how to create internal cliffhangers, and how to use subheads effectively. I like how the emphasis seems to be more on how to write better/hook people into reading your posts through good writing, and not just SEO/marketing/whatever.

Do you listen to any blogging podcasts? Which ones would you recommend?

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