Quick comic book reviews, part 2

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All the books I’m reviewing in this post are available on MU, btw.

Storm Vol. 1: Make it Rain – Greg Pak and Victor Ibañez, Matteo Buffagni ★★★½
I adore Storm! She’s such a cool character and she doesn’t get nearly enough appreciation, especially what with the movies barely even giving her a speaking role. Maybe X-Men Apocalypse will give her the chance to shine. Anyway! This first volume was full of highs and low, emotionally speaking. Storm’s dealing with stuff like community and family and how being an X-Man means she’s super visible in ways that’re both good and bad. And she’s dating Logan, which is super cute! (And then Death of Wolverine happens, and it’s super sad again.) It’s great Storm gets to be in the spotlight for once. The art is lovely, too!

Deadpool (2012) Vol. 1-4 – Brian Posehn, Garry Duggan and Tony Moore (plus other illustrators) ★★★★
I’ve tried to read several other Deadpool series but kept getting turned off by the sexist art and gross leering. However! This series1 doesn’t have any of that and it is SO GREAT. The only scantily-clad babe is Deadpool himself, and he doesn’t objectify anybody except dead pervert presidents; the gross leering and fart jokes have been replaced by FRIENDSHIP and EMPATHY and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and the jokes are actually funny. And it’s not just a joke-joke-explosion-joke kind of story, either! There are actual layers, with overarching plots and subplots and character arcs, and it’s WONDERFUL. Deadpool has friends! Friends who care about him!! AND HE CARES ABOUT THEM TOO!!!!!

The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1-4 – Dan Slott and Ryan Steggman, Giuseppe Camuncoli ★★★
So somehow between starting this series last year and now, I’ve lost my appetite for an anti-hero ex-Doc Ock Spider-Man.2 Maybe it’s just because the fourth volume lost some of the spark that the first three had? Or maybe I’m just not as into anti-heroes as I though I might’ve been, especially when they don’t seem to be doing anything but manipulating people and failing to understand anything of what made Peter Parker so beloved. He’s still a creepy villain at heart, he’s just pretending to be good. Or like– he’s not into actually doing heroic deeds, he just wants people to love him as a hero. So basically this series has a lot of cool character possibilities, but it gets lost in the plot. (Also the art gives everybody really weird faces. Like, bulbous, almost?)

Nyx: Wannabe – Joe Quesada and Robert Teranishi, Joshua Middleton ★★★
I had no idea who Nyx was before this book– I’m not super up on recent3 X-Men characters, I guess? But since this is her origin story I kinda didn’t need to. She can stop time! Which is super cool, except when it gets her into trouble and she has to run away for a while. Then she meets up with some other mutants (and her old high school teacher), and suddenly they’re a girl gang of awesomeness (and depressing home lives). Downside: the art has great colors BUT some super questionable choices, such as the massively disturbing upskirt shot of an underaged teenager. Also the bad guy LITERALLY sniffs an entire PILE of cocaine, like he’s Scarface or something. Also did teenager still dress like 1990s ravers in 2006? I don’t remember that happening, but then I also didn’t live in NYC, either.

  1. part of the Marvel Now! series
  2. This is also a Marvel Now! series, btw.
  3. as in, newer than 20 years ago. Mid-1990s X-Men is my JAM.

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  1. Well all right! I have never cared about Deadpool as a character, and I do not promise this will make me love him, BUT I will give it a try. I would like to know more about that corner of the Marvel Universe. I always feel terribly uninformed about Deadpool and his associates.

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