Readers in the wild: first sighting

I’ll admit it: I’m one of those people who’re always trying to see what others are reading. Though I won’t go so far as to ASK, which means most of the time I don’t get titles. But here’s some readers I’ve spotted while on my daily bus commute:

Male college student reading Joan of Arc textbook (or, at least, a very thick book about Joan of Arc).

Spotted outside the window: a middle schooler reading a hardcover while walking down the street.

Middle aged woman reading a fantasy book. Can’t see the title, but the chapter is “Leo” and I can see a partial phrase: “drop anchor as close as we can to Olympia.” Google gives me nothing. Anybody know this book?

Fifty Shades of Grey (Disneyland cast member), Fifty Shades of Grey (30-ish guy in sweatpants), Fifty Shades of Grey (tall lady in bright pink sunglasses).

Older man with baseball cap and really dirty white pants reading what looks like a thriller. 

Tall guy with flip flops in his backpack reading huge hardcover– Great Treasures of Western Thought. According to Goodreads, it has over 1100 pages.

High school student reading teeny tiny bible. It is smaller than one of his hands. 

Little old lady with newsboy hat reading a Georges Simenon paperback. Can’t see if it’s in French or not, but I would like to think yes because she looks that awesome.

Book defiler!!! As he finishes a page, he RIPS IT OUT OF THE BOOK. I can’t even.

Young professional lady reading Kisses from Katie, which I first thought said “Katil.” I need new glasses.


Have you spotted any readers in the wild?

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