Recently: Library school, Matriarch

I finished my first library school class this week! And then the rest of them started on Thursday. I’m taking three this semester (all of them core classes) and woooooo is it a lot of reading. A LOT of reading. But so far it seems to be the same amount of reading that I did in undergrad, so it’s not so bad. And there’s plenty of exciting assignments! For example, one of my first assignments is to write a book review and post it on my school blog.

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Also I had to buy one textbook and it was only $7.

Last year I read the first book in Karen Traviss’ Wess’har Wars series, which is basically an environmentalist scifi story about a cop and her alien boyfriend. (Super simplified, there.) This week I read books two and three and got completely sucked into the story; it’s REALLY good and it makes me think about things like personal responsibility and if interference in another culture to make it better (“better”) is ever fine and so on. matriarch karen traviss

I’m on book four now (Matriarch) and I’m so in love with the characters and their stupid decisions and all the aliens are so cool and I’m enjoying it immensely. I especially like how Traviss takes characters who have done bad things or who SEEM like bad people and then makes them take over a POV narration and suddenly they’re totally sympathetic and their actions understandable (if still reprehensible).

Other good news: I found some Dreamspinner Press romance bundles on Scribd which weren’t there before the purge, and what looks like a couple series which weren’t there before from other publishers. Yay! Romance has quickly turned into a comfort read for me, and I’m glad there’s still enough left on Scribd (or they’re adding more back?) for me to read.

What have you been up to this week?

2 thoughts on “Recently: Library school, Matriarch”

  1. I have been thinking about cars this week so far. Cars cars cars. A guy on the street tried to sell me a used Mustang, and it was such a cool car, and now I can’t stop thinking about how cool I would be if I had a car that cool. But instead I am sticking with my extremely sensible current car. (sigh)

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