Recently: The Bone Key and movies and such

oh my god y’all I have GOT to get back into my blogging groove. At the moment I’m barely maintaining a once-a-week posting presence and it’s driving me nuts. I have a shiny new laptop! Tons more free time! And yet nothing’s happening! Uggggh. Where is my blogging mojo. Who took it.

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I spent a buttload of time this weekend sprucing up my theme a little bit. It’s the same as it was last time, just with a new color scheme and header image. My very favorite plugin, Ultimate Book Blogger (affiliate link), has also just been majorly updated which is super exciting. It’s still in beta so there’s some bugs, but I’m already loving the new updates. It can handle more than one book in a post now, which means my mini-reviews will FINALLY be formatted properly. Yay!

In non-blog news, I’ve signed up for my fall library school classes. Woohoo! The first one starts at the beginning of August; I’ll be taking four classes total, though one is a shorty that last just a few weeks. The rest are core classes which means basic stuff I probably already know, but I hope I don’t overload myself by taking them all at the same time. Fingers crossed?

I have seen many many movies in the theater lately, or at least more movies than I usually do which is zero. I think the last time I made it to the theater for a movie was for Avengers? So it’s been ages. But I’ve seen Mad Max: Fury Road (so great!), Tomorrowland (way cuter than I thought it’d be), and Avengers: Age of Ultron (meh, though it did make me laugh in some parts). Now I’m way behind on Netflix shows, aka Daredevil and Sense8 aka more things people on Twitter are getting me to watch when I might not otherwise have bothered. Also apparently I really need to finish watching X-Files because there is a new one starting soonish?

bone key sarah monetteBooks! I am reading things, yes. I’m actually now 10 books ahead of schedule for my reading goal (thanks to comic books).

My current book is The Bone Key by Sarah Monette, a short story collection about a dude in a museum who gets involved with Lovecraftian horrors. Sarah Monette is also Katherine Addison who wrote The Goblin Emperor (basically my favorite book last year). The Goblin Emperor is kinder than you’d expect a book about assassinations and courtly intrigue to be. I kinda think The Bone Key will not be so kind to its characters. The protagonist has already killed his secret college crush by resurrecting the crush’s dead wife who then ate his (the crush’s) face off. It’s pretty much downhill from there, I think.

Coming up next on the blog is a lot of comic book reviews because I did a mini-readathon right before my free Marvel Unlimited subscription ran out. I definitely need to do another podcast recommendation post soon. Also some reading lists for the summer!

What have you been up to lately?

2 thoughts on “Recently: The Bone Key and movies and such”

  1. But! But! But I want a shiny new laptop. I want one! I am jealous!

    (I’m sorry about that unworthy sentiment. My old computer is getting VERY SLOW and I spend a lot of my time being frustrated with it and dreaming wistfully of a shiny fast new computer.)

    1. I understand about the slow old computer! I have one of those and I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I splurged on the shiny laptop. (Also because of starting grad school in the fall.) It’s actually not AS shiny as it maybe should’ve been? Or maybe it just doesn’t like Firefox; it keeps crashing my graphics driver and I don’t know what to do.

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