A Passage of Stars by Kate Elliott

A Passage of Stars by Kate ElliottA Passage of Stars (Highroad Trilogy #1) by Kate Elliott
Published: Open Road Media (1990), eBook, 289pg
Source: Scribd
Genres: Fiction, Sci-fi

In the crackling first book of Kate Elliott’s Highroad trilogy, strong-spirited Lily Ransome leaves her home planet—and the life she’s always known—to rescue an abducted friend

Willful as well as physically brave, Lily Ransome is dissatisfied by the options available to her on Unruli: She can either join her family’s lucrative mining business or begin procreating. When Heredes, her beloved martial arts instructor, tutor, and father figure, is kidnapped by alien bounty hunters, Lily spurns the expectations of her home planet and ventures into space to find him. Befriending a persecuted minority class of humans called the Ridani, she becomes involved in an intergalactic rebellion and finds love in an unexpected place—as well as true strength within herself.

This was my very first Kate Elliott book, and I’m thinking maybe this was the wrong one to start with. Because I didn’t love it, and I really wanted to.

Why I wanted to love it:

  • Scifi with fantasy elements = yay! Blending genres is fun.
  • Space adventures! With space pirates! And planets that aren’t Earth! Fun!!
  • Lily = yay! She’s naive but smart, strong physically but vulnerable emotionally, and she’s got an interesting journey to go on.
  • Secret societies and/or histories with aliens and such! (Only we might be the aliens? idk, it’s cool.)
  • Robot companions who speak in music!

Why I didn’t love it:

  • Lily’s relationship with Hawk = ew. SUPER EW. I don’t think I’m overstating how skeevy I found it. It plays such a large part of the book and it’s so uncomfortable to watch that I couldn’t enjoy the parts that weren’t about their relationship.
  • Hawk = controlling, possessive, secretive, manipulative. Not good boyfriend material!! He’s also way older than Lily– about 40+ years older, at the minimum, AND ALSO she’s technically underage as well– and everyone tells her not to date him, but she does. She needs to make her own mistakes, yes, I understand that. But I couldn’t tell if I was supposed to be HAPPY with their relationship because Lily’s happy, or if I was supposed to be skeeved.
  • I also didn’t really understand the vast majority of the conspiracy plot, but that might have been because I was so distracted dealing with the above.

So basically: I like it, but I also hate a huge part of it. I love Lily, but I hate Lily’s boyfriend. I want to read the rest of the series, but I also don’t want to have to be near Hawk while doing it (and I have a feeling he’s not going anywhere, ugh).

Read: October 14-19, 2014

Which KE book should I try next? Her Jaran series, maybe? It’s a prequel series to this one, so maybe I’d like it.

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