Good Eggs by Phoebe Potts

Good Eggs by Phoebe PottsGood Eggs by Phoebe Potts
Published: Harper Collins (2010), eBook, 272pg
Source: Scribd
Genres: Graphic Novel, Memoir, Non-Fiction

In the tradition of the acclaimed graphic memoirs Fun Home and Persepolis comes a funny, insightful, and deeply moving book about learning to appreciate what we have when we can't seem to get what we want.For Phoebe Potts, the path to maternal fulfillment has not been easy. All her friends seem to get pregnant, but she can't conceive for all her trying. As Phoebe and her husband, Jeff, navigate the emotionally and physically fraught world of fertility experts, she takes stock of what matters in the rest of her life and reflects on the winding journey to her true calling as an artist. From her days as an amateur union organizer in Texas to her spiral into paralyzing depression in Mexico; from her soul-shrinking, all-for-the-benefits stint as an administrative assistant at a fancy university in Cambridge to her flirtation with rabbinical school, Phoebe illuminates the bumpy road to vocational and personal contentment. Her wonderful, hilarious, and utterly original drawings capture the truly good eggs—an unforgettably nutty mother; a devoted husband; a team of therapists, hairdressers, and landladies; friends; and a sidekick housecat—that together expand the definition of what really makes a family.

Going by the cover and the title, this seems like it’s about food and breakfast and happy breakfast foods. Well, it’s not. It’s not even particularly happy! It’s actually about babies and trying to make babies and parenthood and all the frustrations therein.

Good Eggs is a memoir about the author’s journey towards getting pregnant (with some other stuff mixed in). Turns out her eggs actually aren’t so good, and she and her husband spend a lot of time, money, and emotional effort coming to terms with that. It’s a painfully truthful story and I admire PP for telling it.

I actually have little interest in stories about people trying to have babies, but I ended up reading the whole thing anyway because it was so well-written. And I really liked the art! It’s a kind of cute and happy style, which seems like it’d be super disparate with the story. But it’s not– it ended up emphasizing the personal-ness of Good Eggs instead and it worked out very well.

Read: March 1, 2015

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