REVIEW: Operation Typhoon Shore by Joshua Mowll

REVIEW: Operation Typhoon Shore by Joshua MowllOperation Typhoon Shore (The Guild of Specialists #2) by Joshua Mowll
Published: Candlewick Press (2006), Hardcover, 277pg
Source: Bought
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fiction, Historical Fiction

After being lashed by a typhoon on their uncle's ship, THE EXPEDIENT, intrepid siblings Becca and Doug MacKenzie want nothing more than to escape from the volcanic island on which they're stranded and resume the search for their parents. But their uncle, Captain MacKenzie, seems more concerned with the missing gyrolabe than their missing mother and father, and he refuses to discuss the role the mysterious Guild of Specialists played in their disappearance. As the formidable Kalaxx warriors close in on their hidden cove, Becca and Doug unearth a riddle linked to a 1533 painting, which may hold the key to the Guild's dark secrets and to finding their parents. But how can they possibly solve the puzzle and escape with their lives — before their enemies attack? (from Goodreads)

Like I said in my review of Operation Red Jericho, Operation Typhoon Shore is actually a little bit better written. It’s a little more polished, the characters are a little more believable, the plot is a little more tightly woven. It’s also just as enjoyable as the first book and I SERIOUSLY have to get the third book soon.

With this book, we learn more about the crew members of the ship Doug and Becca live on, more about the various secret societies running around in the series, and more about what happened to Becca and Doug’s parents. Usually with second books you have to slog through boring infodump stuff to get to the bits that are really important (which are leading up to the third book), but I didn’t think Operation Typhoon Shore was a slog at all. I liked that I got to know the crew better, and being stuck in one place meant that all the exciting stuff happened more coherently overall. Sometimes when you’re running around from country to country, the plot gets sort of bogged down because the story’s busy describing the country of whatever. If you’re in one place, you can cover all that and then move on to the characters and what they’re doing much more quickly. Know what I mean?

Anyway, Operation Typhoon Shore has got all the action/adventure stuff from the first book, AND it’s got more emotional stuff, AND it’s just a really fun book overall. I actually like it a little better than the first book, even. Maybe I’m just a huge nerd for inserted diagrams and encyclopedia insets and adventure stories with teenage ruffians, but reading these books makes me very happy. I hope some of you all enjoy reading them, too!

Read: May 16-17, 2012

Here’s what the inside looks like!

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