Review: Queste (Septimus Heap #4) by Angie Sage

Queste bigQueste (Septimus Heap #4) by Angie Sage
Publication: Katherine Tegen Books; Reprint edition (June 23, 2009), Paperback, 624pp / ISBN 0060882093
Genre: Fantasy, Children’s/YA
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Read: October 2009
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Series: Book #1 | Book #2 | Book #3 | Book #4

As much as I was annoyed by book three, I had a better time with this book. It still wasn’t enjoyable on the same level as book one or book two, but I think that was because book three clouded my judgment for a while. I read this one immediately after finishing book three, so please keep that in mind for the duration of this review.

Summary from Amazon:

There’s trouble at the Castle, and it’s all because Merrin Meredith has returned with Darke plans for Septimus. More trouble awaits Septimus and Jenna in the form of Tertius Fume, the ghost of the very first Chief Hermetic Scribe, who is determined to send Septimus on a deadly Queste. But Septimus and Jenna have other plans—they are headed for the mysterious House of Foryx, a place where all Time meets and the place where they fervently hope they will be able to find Nicko and Snorri, who were trapped back in time in physik. But how will Septimus escape the Queste?

I much preferred the plot in Queste! It was creepy and exciting and got moving very quickly, and best of all it had more Beetle in it! I love Beetle, I really do. He’s so refreshing and he can tolerate Jenna, which is something I’ve forgotten how to do.

Plus time travel is always fun, as I said in book three’s review, and it’s got an edge of creepy here that was really interesting. The House of Forex is creepy, too, and the malignant ghosts and such. Great stuff! Not much character growth, but the action was very good.

I did have some problems with Queste. I’m sure it’s mostly because of the aftereffects of book three– I was still was annoyed by people who assume things/won’t listen/do stupid things/JENNA, for instance– and furthermore the Queste felt…unfinished? Not like the book ended on a cliffhanger but that the Queste was, I don’t know, unsatisfactorily ended. And I also felt like some of the characters weren’t fully fleshed out– and I wish I was the sort of person to put spoilers in her reviews because I so want to talk about something near the end of the book and I can’t. Bah.

But, overall, I very much enjoyed book four and I was very happy that the series started going uphill again. (If it had turned out to be another book three I’m sure I would have stopped reading it.) Book five should be exponentially better, right? (Hint: it was!)

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4 thoughts on “Review: Queste (Septimus Heap #4) by Angie Sage”

  1. I just read first and last paragraph so I wouldn’t be influenced when I read and review same book (in the coming weeks). Glad to know this one is better than book 3. I hope I’ve waited long enough to get back into the series.

  2. Thanka for linking to my review…It’s great when i find more book blogs 🙂

    Yes, I think I agree with your points on the castle maintenance. Even I found it rather odd, but I didn;t think too much about it.

    There was a long delay between Flyte and Physik, and I was just struggling to remember who’s who and what happened earlier…

  3. I have read all the books in the Septimus Heap series except number 5 (I’m still reading it), and I think they are a lot better than Harry Potter. I love reading, so there isn’t a problem about the length. It is a great book to curl up in bed with, and very interesting. I don’t completely agree with you about book 3, because although it had hard to understand grammar in the different time, and wasn’t exciting every single moment, it was still a great book that I would recommend to everyone who ask. I think everyone should read this book if you like any of these things…excitement, time-travel, adventure, suspense, fiction, or Angie Sage. I give this series 5 stars, and 2 thumbs up!

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