REVIEW: The Doll People by Ann M. Martin & Laura Godwin

REVIEW: The Doll People by Ann M. Martin & Laura GodwinThe Doll People (Doll People #1) by Ann M. Martin, Laura Godwin
Published: Hyperion Book CH (2000), Paperback, 288pg
Source: Bought
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Magical Realism

Annabelle Doll is eight years old-she has been for more than a hundred years. Not a lot has happened to her, cooped up in the dollhouse, with the same doll family, day after day, year after year...until one day the Funcrafts move in. (from Goodreads)

This book is about doll who are alive! It could be creepy, but instead it’s adorable and heartwarming. It’s like The Borrowers in that way: tiny people wandering around in your house could be weird, but the writing makes it cute instead. Unlike the Borrowers, the Dolls don’t eat or sleep or steal anything from the humans they live with. (Kinda creepy.) They’re also really old! Annabelle, for instance, has been 8 years old for over 100 years. (Somewhat creepy.)

Like the Borrowers, though, the Dolls have adventures and solve mysteries and they make friends with other dolls and it’s SO CUTE. The main story is Annabelle and her new friend searching for Annabelle’s aunt, who disappeared 40-something years ago, but there’s also side-stories about new dolls moving in and some things about the human family the dolls live with.

Annabelle’s aunt is for sure the most interesting person in the story, for all that she doesn’t really appear until the end of the book. She spent most of her time pre-disappearance exploring the (very large) house her family lives in, cataloging different kinds of spiders and basically acting like a tiny Jane Goodall. Annabelle herself is something of an adventurer, as she’s the one who convinces everyone else that they should become proactive in their search for her aunt.

The larger story is, indeed, about change and courage and not being afraid of either. Also, adventure!

I very much enjoyed reading The Doll People. Though it could have been scary (a la Behind the Attic Wall), it was instead heartwarming and fun.

Read: February 27, 2014

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