REVIEW: The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye

REVIEW: The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay FayeThe Gods of Gotham (Timothy Wilde Mysteries #1) by Lyndsay Faye
Published: Berkley Trade Paperback (2012), Paperback, 458pg
Source: BEA 2013
Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery

1845: New York City forms its first police force. The great potato famine hits Ireland.

These two events will change New York City forever…

Timothy Wilde tends bar, saving every dollar in hopes of winning the girl of his dreams. But when his dreams are destroyed by a fire that devastates downtown Manhattan, he is left with little choice but to accept a job in the newly minted New York City Police Department.

Returning exhausted from his rounds one night, Tim collides with a girl no more than ten years old… covered in blood. She claims that dozens of bodies are buried in the forest north of Twenty-Third Street. Timothy isn’t sure whether to believe her, but as the image of a brutal killer is slowly revealed and anti-Irish rage infects the city, the reluctant copper star is engaged in a battle that may cost him everything…. (from Goodreads)

I’d loved Lyndsay Faye’s previous book, Dust and Shadow, so I was pretty sure I’d love The Gods of Gotham, too. And hey, I did! I loved reading this book SO MUCH, y’all– it felt a bit like eating a really rich chocolate bonbon, you know? There’s so much to appreciate in it, but it’s best appreciated by eating it yourself.

Anyway, here’s what I loved:
The details of ye olde NYC were both terrifying and interesting. I think this book takes place around the same time(-ish) of Gangs of New York, so picture that and then try sticking an early detective in the middle of it. Yeah.

The heartbreaking stuff never seemed like it was stuck in there JUST to manipulate my heartstrings. It was all integral to the story, and furthermore, it felt TRUE to the story. So even though it tore my little heart to bits, I never felt like I was being shocked by something that was there just to be shocking. Know what I mean?

Furthermore, the ending! It did a thing which I SO LOVED. No spoilers, but think of pretty much any story with two heterosexual people in it and how the woman is almost always some sort of prize/reward for the man whenever he accomplishes something. The Gods of Gotham? Did not do that. HUZZAH!

Which brings me to the characters! Dang, these characters. They’d probably kill me if I met them in real life (by accident or whatever), but in stories they’re amazing. They have layers and yet more layers, and twisty relationships, and things you have to unpick to get to the center of, and it’s great! (And now I gotta say I’m pretty worried about Tim in the third book– I’ve been stalking Lyndsay Faye’s Twitter and apparently, uh…it’s bad.)

The mystery! Woah, the mystery. So good. A lot of the problems re:solving it come from just being in that time period, but even if you took that away it’d still be really good.

So, basically, I loved the whole thing, would read again, A+++++ to Lyndsay Faye and the people who put out this book. Can’t WAIT to read the sequel next month!

Read: June 8- August 6, 2013

I got this signed by the author at BEA 2013! And she gave me a high fivvvvvve, omg. Yay!

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