REVIEW: Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire by Mireille Guiliano

REVIEW: Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire by Mireille GuilianoWomen, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire: Business Sense & Sensibility by Mireille Guiliano
Published: Atria Books (2009), eBook, 272pg
Source: Scribd
Genres: Business, Memoir, Non-Fiction

When Mireille Guiliano became a senior executive and spokesperson for Veuve Clicquot, she took the Champagne to the top of the luxury market, using her distinctive French woman's philosophy and style. Now she uses those same talents and savoir faire to help readers pop their own corks and get the mostout of life. Drawing on her experiences at the front lines and highest echelons of the business world, she gives women (and a few men, peut-être) the practical advice they need to make the most of work without skimping on all the other good things in life.

With lively lessons, stories, and helpful hints, Mireille teaches every reader how to identify her own passions and talents, improve her communication skills, balance work and life, cope with everyday stress, turn herself into a winning brand, and so much more. From acing a job interview or performance review to hosting a simple but elegant dinner party, Mireille tells it like it is as she shares her secrets for achieving happiness and success at any stage in business and life.

I choose to read this book mostly because of the cute cover, but also because I am becoming more and more interested in business-y books lately. I’m not sure why? I’m not usually a reader of self-help/advice books, but I suppose I must be starting my Grown Up life and that means I must read books that’ll help guide me down unknown paths. Or something.

So actually this is not that good of a book for work advice. Nope! Maybe if I were interested in becoming a CEO of an international corporation, and/or maybe if I had a full-time job with benefits and higher pay and could thus actually DO some of the advice. But for where I am right now and where I want to be in the future, this book and I are not a match.

However, I kept reading it because I really enjoyed the personal memoir parts. The author’s super successful and she’s done lots of interesting things in her life. I like reading about successful people explaining how they do what they do (see: Steve Jobs). For Mireille Guiliano, her luck comes from being French (the accent helped get her a few jobs in the US) and knowing the right people.

There’s also some occasional hilarious parts which read like a wackadoo’s how-not-to, like her ultimate light breakfast recommendation of three almonds, a slice of cheese, a piece of fruit and water. (Seems like another thing successful people have, besides enormous luck and networking skills, is weird ideas about food.)

Mostly useless advice + memoir + hilarity = enjoyable book, but not one I’d necessarily recommend. Maybe only if you DO want be a CEO somewhere.

Read: August 20-21, 2014

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