The Black Moth readalong START! (#heyermonth)

As part of Georgette Heyer month, I’m hosting a readalong of The Black Moth, Georgette Heyer’s first book, written to cheer up her sick brother. It was published in 1921 when she was 19. That means it’s in the public domain (in the US at least) and can be downloaded for free right here. Or you can buy a paperback copy at Amazon (affiliate link) if you’d like.

It’s set a little earlier than most of Georgette Heyer’s other historical books: 1751, to be exact! Expect lots of dudes wearing high heels and wigs and makeup. Also, sword fights!

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A disgraced lord, a notorious highwayman

Jack Carstares, the disgraced Earl of Wyndam, left England seven long years ago, sacrificing his honor for that of his brother when he was accused of cheating at cards. Now Jack is back, roaming his beloved South Country in the disguise of a highwayman.

And the beauty who would steal his heart

Not long after Jack’s return, he encounters his old adversary, the libertine Duke of Andover, attempting the abduction of the beautiful Diana Beauleigh. At the point of Jack’s sword, the duke is vanquished, but foiled once, the “Black Moth” has no intention of failing again… (from Goodreads)

There are 30 chapters in The Black Moth, but only about 368 pages so each week’s chunk should go fairly quickly. It’s a pretty fast-paced, too, so I have no doubt y’all will finish reading it before the month is up. Here’s the spread:

February 2-8: Chapters 1-8
February 9-15: Chapters 9-17
February 15: Readalong Midway Check-in Thingy
February 16-22: Chapters 18-26
February 23-27: Chapters 27-30
February 28: Readalong Wrap-up

I’ll be posting my thoughts about each chunk at the end of each week. Feel free to do the same if you want! Or save it up until the end of the month, when I’ll have discussion questions for participants.

This is my first readalong, btw! 😀 Am I forgetting anything?

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